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Random Post for 4/3

Posted by rapaleeman on April 3, 2008

Just a few random thoughts that have crossed my mind the last several days. 

So I have come to the conclusion that the Burnout Paradise demo for the Xbox360 is actually better than the real game.  I bought the game when it first came out and played for a weekend.  I got all the way up to the B license, got bored and sold it to my buddy for $45 bucks.  I wanted to drive and decided to fire up the demo I still had on my hard drive.  Wow.  The online is so much better in the demo than the real game.  The people on it are more mature (not much but better than the little kids populating the real version).  Plus there are zero achievement whores since there are no achievments to earn.  I enjoy just killing time before I hit the sheets by driving around and chilling.  It’s fun to drive/crash and that is the point of the game I think.  The real version is just too much of a chore.

The Speed Racer movie looks terrible, yet awesome at the same time.  It’s weird because the futuristic Hot Wheels-style tracks are really sweet looking and the CGI looks so much like a live-action cartoon should that it makes it pretty awesome.  The people in the movie look to fit/play their roles really well but I am curious as to how well the movie can play out.  The Wachowski Brothers have great visions when it comes to movie making, but they suck at execution (The Matrix Reloaded and the really crappy third one).  I really liked the first Matrix movie so I am thinking this movie will fall into line with that.  Though I really have a bad feeling that other than the racing scenes the movie is going to be terrible.  At least DVD allows you to skip scenes so I can watch the good parts.

I was asked on Gamefaqs last week why my blog isn’t on Gamespot since I really like video games and their current topics as you can tell if you are reading this.  Well to answer that question I have to say that even though I read Gamespot and post on Gamefaqs, I have other interests.  Plus I am not a huge fan of the Cnet networks.  Let us not forget that on there I can be censored (just ask Jeff Gerstmann).  Here I am free to just let my thoughts flow wildly, though they do tend to end up in some kind of ordered chaos once my fingers start to walk on the keyboard.  Thank you Doctor Ian Malcolm for that theory.

Finally, I really hope that Remy Zero is getting back together.  Yes this is random, hence thetitle of the post, but I really like Remy Zero.  They do the “Save Me” song from Smallville.  All three of their albums are great (The Golden Hum is the best) and they have updated their mySpace with a “stay tuned” message saying they have a desire to make music together again.  Truthfully, I think it is because Cinjun Tate’s album (his brother came along too) tanked.  It was supposed to be a three parter, but I don’t even thing the second one is released and it has been two years.  They either need money or want to be back in the spotlight.  Fine by me.  I could give a crap I just want new Remy Zero tunes and none of this iTunes exclusive bullshit either.  I hate that shitty memory hog of a program and their store is slow and terrible.

On that note this isn’t the last time you’ve heard about iTunes from me but I will say this about Apple.  I don’t want fucking Safari.  Stop downloading that crap on your own.  I know that’s why sometimes my downloads/system slow to a crawl since a minute after it speeds back up a pop-up shoots up to install the newest version of the slowest internet browser in existence.  Damn man.  I can’t wait for my iPod to die so I can get a Zune and use that to play my tunes.  Especially since I can import my extremely anal-retentive playlists into it.  At least the Zune has seen major improvements and plays nice with Windows despite everyone that makes fun of it.  I think it looks more mature and I like that I don’t have to look like a fool and use that stupid slow click wheel on my iPod.

Enough for today.  Can’t wait for Friday.  I’m going to Lifehouse at the 9:30 Club.  Of all the active bands I like they are tied for first with Linkin Park and 311 for the other two.  Though Linkin Park is about to take a hike.  That last album was really bad.  Catchy and good, but not Linkin Park.


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