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The awesomeness of Lifehouse

Posted by rapaleeman on April 7, 2008

Okay, so those of you that know (or didn’t because I didn’t tell you) I went to see Lifehouse on Friday the 4th at the 9:30 Club.  This was, without a shadow of doubt, the best show I have been to in a long time.   Details below.

I am a huge Lifehouse fan.  I have been hooked on their writing style and the way they seem to connect with me since I first heard “Hanging By A Moment” in 1999.  I heard that song and immediately ran out and bought No Name Face, their debut album.  Every song was great and since then I have anxiously awaited the release of every new album and song that they have dropped.  Besides 311 and to a lesser extent Linkin Park, they are my favorite active band (though 311 may not have a new album, since it has been 3 years since their last one…).  So it was with great haste that I bought the tickets to the show as soon as they went on sale and thank the heavens I did.  It sold out quite quick.

I got to the club early like usual and after the really bad and annoying (though the lead chick was pretty hot) honeyhoney and the surpisingly great Matt Nathanson (who was very funny) I anxiously awaited the awesomeness of Lifehouse to appear before my eyes.  Sure enough at 11:30pm Jason Wade and company took stage and started to rock with their new single “Make Me Over” from the album Who We Are.  What surprised me the most was the fact that the show was sold out, yet it didn’t seem like anyone knew any of the songs.  Really weird since every show I have been to has had at least half the crowd singing along.  It was a little sad that few knew the second half of the chorus to “First Time”.  Yet, I digress.

What followed was an awesome journey into the collective mind of the Lifehouse experience.  WOW was it awesome.  The remix so to speak of “Quasimodo” was great turning it into a hard rock track that was borderline metal.  It was an unexpected sound yet makes it hard to go back to the original version.  Not to mention that the extended version of the Allstate song “From Where You Are” to the greats like “Hanging By A Moment”, “You and Me”, “Better Luck Next Time”, etc…  All of the songs were great.  Wade’s vocals were on point and the bassist who sung on “Bridges” sounded great.  Nice to hear bands doing different takes on their tracks to improve/give a different view to the same song.

The closer “Broken” was just phenomenal.  A great cap on the night.  It was surprisingly meaningful in the context of the show since the lyrics are about holding on to what you love no matter how broken or damaged it is.  This sort of displayed how the band was feeling.  That this show is coming to an end yet that isn’t what they want at all.  Amazing.  Also the fact that the band was genuinely greatful to be there.  Some artists show up and act like dicks and say how they love “us” and all that, but Wade genuinely said how much he loved touring and playing for crowds.  He gave a small story about the Wizards and his love for Jordan, which was nice and not overdone like some artists who won’t stop talking.  A class act.

This was an amazing night for me.  I know some people are rolling their eyes as they read this, but seriously I have been waiting for this for over eight years.  It was worth every penny and I will definately be seeing them again the next time they come around.  Just awesome.


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