Form feet and legs. Form arms and body.

And I’ll form the head.

Dear God!!! People are reading this shit.

Posted by rapaleeman on April 18, 2008

Well, my little spot on the InterWebs is getting some attention.  I checked my stats and I have had over a 1,000 visitors.  Wow!  Not expecting that.  Thanks to all of you visiting.  I’ll try to make this as interesting as possible, but not everything will be A-grade material.  For example, my Phantom Planet review which not only got blasted by a couple people here (I really am sorry for the harsh Panic! comment), but I also got a few nasty texts and a hate e-mail about it.  Bring it on.  I love it.  Makes my life interesting to hear points and counter-points on almost any subject.  It helps me to see as many sides to this Rubick’s Cube we call “life” as possible.

I am now thinking I may turn this into a full on review site.  Could be fun if it was a genuine site of that nature, but I do like popping in with these random tidbits about random stuff that happens to me or thoughts in my head.  I may make this more serious in the reviews, but honestly I think my style is why people will and have read them.  At least from most of the feedback I have received, both positive and negative, that seemed to be the common factor. 

Keeping with the approach like I am an “everyman” or “just-one-of-the-guys” (which I am by the way) seems to be the best and most honest thing I can lay out here.  So I will continue to do that.  I may change some things around, but I will remain the same sarcastic and extremely synical, very excitable in an almost scary way, self.  When Iron Man or any other of my highly anticipated movies drop you’ll see the little kid in me pop out.  It is really scary.

Thanks again for all the comments and feedback.  I got some DVDs at home I haven’t watched so I may start throwing some of those up here as reviews.  Not really sure I need to do a review for “In The Name Of The King” but I might just to say how bad it is.  Still have no idea why I bought that.  I do have a Street Kings review that needs to be edited before I post it and I may do that, but to be honest it really sucks (the review I wrote).  It isn’t very… … … me.  Kinda sterile and just not very interesting to read which is sad since the movie was the exact opposite.  I may fix it up or junk it all together.   Not really motivated for either really. 

Moving on seems to be the best bet now that I think about it (writing it down helped, yes there is a method to all my random madness) I think I’ll scrap it and just tell you that it is a good movie.  Nothing too original, but Keanu is actually decent in it and believable.  The rest of the cast is pretty good as well along with the gunplay and brutal nature.  No punches are pulled both verbally and physically (the opening scene with the Asian dudes and Keanu is a trip).

Oh and I am listening to the Phantom Planet album as I write this so no I don’t hate it.  I am one of those people that will get something out of it, but many won’t.  None of my ratings are really that bad since I feel that you can only really recommend or not recommend something to rate it.  Just because I am “INDIFFERENT” in a review doesn’t mean that it is all bad.  It just means that it will only truely appeal to a select few.  I being one of those.

Anyway, that’s it for me.  I’ll check back in Monday or sometime this weekend if I get a chance, but probably not.  I know I’ve said it before, but I am greatful for the support.  Thanks.


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