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There may be hope…

Posted by rapaleeman on April 30, 2008

Everyone knows that I love Linkin Park.  Everyone also know that I was not happy with Minutes to Midnight.  The style of their music changed too much in that album.  The band was always about combining elements from all genres and putting them into one coherent package.  Besides “Bleed It Out”, their latest album sounded like a generic rock album with a little rap.  That was it.  Not terrible by any means, but definately not Linkin Park.

Now, most of the mainstream music listeners (who the hell is that really?) consider LP to be sellouts and looking to cash a paycheck.  What with both lead singers (Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington) having solo projects (Fort Minor and Dead By Sunrise respectively) and the fact that they turned away from their “roots” to make a popular album. 

Why did I just rant on about that nonsense.  Well yesterday was the release of the new Busta Rhymes track “We Made It”.  What makes this special since I really can’t stand that idiot is the fact that Linkin Park also contributed to the track.  Mike plays piano and raps a verse while Chester provides the chorus.  The song is actually great. 

Truly the worst part about the single is Busta himself since he doesn’t seem to understand what the hell a beat is.  That and the fact that his excessive use of the “n” bomb in the unedited version is just unwarranted and totally distracting.  I usually go for the unedited versions of songs, but here the excessive cursing and vulgarity is just a distraction.  It’s not required.  Check the link and see what I mean.–59655776

Anyway, the piano and guitar riffs toward the end are intoxicating and Chester’s vocals are damn near flawless which is something I couldn’t say about Minutes to Midnight.  Mike’s verse is the best in the song.  Not because I’m biased, but because he seems to understand what the hook of the track is and what message is being displayed.  Busta hasn’t a clue and just rambles on in a completely nonsensical tone and beat.  Sometimes that works, but when you got a track that has this kind of a hook and rock beat to it, it doesn’t.

Anyway.  There may be hope.  Do I think LP has sold out.  Truly, yes I do.  When you charge 80 bucks for your Project Revolution tour and most of the bands either suck or put on a terrible performance (I love Taking Back Sunday but they were terrible at Nissan Pavillion) that money is wasted.  I remember when it was fifty bucks and honestly that was a steal.  I would spend that in a heartbeat again.  I doubt I’ll ever pay for Project Revolution again though.  True it’s all day, but really the only band worth seeing doesn’t come on until 930 or 1000 at night (it’s LP by the way).

I highly recommend this track.  It’s surprisingly good and much better than the catastrophe it could have been.  Busta Rhymes needs to stop.  He is terrible.  Always has been I think it is now just catching up to him.  Linkin Park shines in this single, though the rest of the band is noticably absent from the video.  Ironically you can see the LP drum kit and gear in the background so that is a little weird.  Also, Styles Of Beyond (Shinoda’s back-up band for Fort Minor really) needs to get their heads out of Mike’s ass and make their own record.  WTF are they doing in this video?  Nothing.  Shinoda essentially made them and I doubt they have the minds to succeed alone. 

Definately aquire this track.  Don’t buy it from iTunes though.  I am boycotting them (Apple) and their evil ways.  Damn Safari needs to stay the hell off my computer and iTunes needs to stop stuttering all the time.  It’s annoying and really just raping the resources my laptop has.  So I don’t care how you get it (you know what I mean).  Just get it.  If LP adds this much effort to their next album then there may be hope.



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