Form feet and legs. Form arms and body.

And I’ll form the head.

Random Post 5/02

Posted by rapaleeman on May 2, 2008

Sup playas.  So it’s Friday afternoon and I figured I’d check in.  Been a busy yet unproductive week. 

I did see Harold and Kumar: Escape From Guantanamo Bay earlier this week and honestly it was comedy gold.  If you liked the first one or like Neil Patrick Harris definately check this out.  Truly it is great.

Iron Man drops today.  I’ll check it out this weekend and maybe give yall a review.  I was going to write on for Harold and Kumar but didn’t have the time.  May still.  Iron Man may not need a review from little lowly me,  but it may get one just so I can fight the man and support the uprising of the everyday persons.

Anyway, I got my $600 tax refund check (which is totally going to eff me over next year but whatever).  Went towards bills and a new phone.  Word of advice: do not put a high-powered magnet next to your phone.  It will probably not work afterwards.  My Shadow will be sorely missed.  (Loved that thing.  Lost my Lifehouse pictures too.)  Picked up a Sidekick ID (aka Sidekick with no features but a kickass keyboard) at Best Buy for cheap (read: not sticker price, love the employee discount without having to work there).  It was the cheapest phone I could find with a keyboard.  Damn texting has gotten it’s evil hands around my neck.  I’ll play with the thing this weekend and then pop a review up next week sometime.

I think I’m going to start reviewing everything.  I mean EVERYTHING.  From movies and video games, right down to new energy drinks and technology that I find and/or use long enough to give a valid review for.  Could be cool.  I’ll make new catagories as necessary for reviews so they stay organized.  This is a work-in-progress experiment, as is this entire blog thing to if it doesn’t work or I get complaints then we’ll see.  We’re in this together aren’t we?

The reason the blog is a little scattered as of late is because that’s how my mind works.  I think faster than I can type/talk.  For those that have actually talked to me know that and think it’s funny when I can predict almost an entire conversation based on previous encounters.  I can actually tune certain people out and still know what we are talking about.  Strange yet interesting fact about me that I thought I would share.

GTAIV came out.  I didn’t buy it.  I played it for a little while.  Pretty good.  Not sure I’d give it a 10 (if I rated that way) but it was a helluva lot better than I expected it to be.  I do miss Phil Collins and “In The Air Tonight” though.  I’ll pick it up when it’s cheaper, or I have money.  Whichever comes first.

I have yet to get my happy ass into the Metal Gear Beta though it is installed and updated and I have created a dude.  For some reason I went back to Project Gotham 4 and Tony Hawk.  No clue why.  Really random as is this post of just off the wall crap today.  Sorry about that.

Oh one last thing.  Did anyone else know that Dave Mirra is now a Rally car driver?  When the hell did that happen?  He races for Ken Block’s team (the same as Travis Pastrana).  WTF?!?!?!


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