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Review: Iron Man

Posted by rapaleeman on May 5, 2008

Go see this movie.  It is the second best best comic book superhero movie ever created (Batman Begins is number 1).  Amazing film.

Oh you want a little more?  Ok.  For starters this is a great movie.  It has a ton of humor and action, yet it takes itself seriously.  A weird mix, but it works quite well here.  Robert Downey Jr. is Tony Stark.  People that say he isn’t need to shut the eff up.  I haven’t been this sold on a character since, well Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne.  He defines the character as his own, yet makes him seem extremely real.  True the character is a personification of many, but RDJ pulls it off with just the right amount of randomness to make it seem like one complete entity. 

Rhodey is played by the great Terreance Howard.  His opening scene as Rhodes at an awards thing is terrible, but otherwise his performance is spot on in character.  Gwyneth Paltrow is hot and works quite well as Pepper Potts, Tony’s assistant.  She brings a down home charm to the character and as with Stark, makes it believable.  Along with her chemestry with RDJ, it just works.  The rest of the cast is throwaway (nice cameo by Leslie Bibb as the reporter glad she is getting work though) except for 2.  Jon Favreou, the director as RDJ’s driver is great and just funny with a few of his Swinger ad-hoc lines.  While the subtle cameo of Paul Bettany as Jarvis, the automated computer system, is really well done.  His sense of humor while lacking a sense of humor is great.

Ok, enough of the semantics, the reason people are going to see this movie is Iron Man and the tech that makes him up.  First though, Starks lab must get a mention since it is just a great set piece.  He has a sweet set-up with 3d imaging and modeling.  Awesome sets.  Also a robotic AI type of voice command robot thing (not Jarvis, but like a crane or arm).  It is actually funny by itself and this is a great feet since it doesn’t talk.  No spoiler here, but the scenes with this little robotic thing are just laugh out loud funny.  Makes me want to go see Wall-E even more.

Fine. I guess I’ll talk about the tin can.  Iron Man, the suit, is great.  I believed for every second RDJ/Stark was actually in it at all times (and sometimes he is, since for what it’s worth they actually built a few of them, go Stan Winston).  The CG was great and even on the main baddy the Iron Monger looked realistic and believable.  The opening and closing of the mouthpiece on Iron Man is definately of note since the blend of CGI and live action is right there.  I’ll let you guess what is fake in that scene.  Give ya a hint, it isn’t what you would think.  ILM did Transformers and you can tell that they know how to make realistic, belivable CGI.  Again, it just works.

The overall story is great, borderlining perfect for a summer popcorn flick.  It is really light on plot and if you don’t see the “twist” coming you should be slapped and banned from movies for a while.  It is a tad long, but it really needed to be.  I never once wondered when it would be over though.  So that accounts for something.  Long without being long as it were.

Again, this movie is great.  It has action, drama, and lots of comedy and humor.  Plus a ton of technology and an Audi R8 which is just sexy.  It just all works and fits nicely together.  Defiantely need a sequel to this.  Please.  Also stick around to the end of the credits which are actually really long, but ultimately worth it.  Give ya another hint with a quote: “This is how I talk!!!!  Haven’t ya seen my movies?!?!?!?!”.  That’s all you get but think Dave Chappelle and you’ll understand.  You will be giddy like a schoolgirl.  Trust.



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