Form feet and legs. Form arms and body.

And I’ll form the head.

Random Post 5/06

Posted by rapaleeman on May 6, 2008

So it’s Tuesday and well kinda boring here at my job.  I am on my lunch break, but not really hungry so I figured I’d check in with a few random musings.

First up a new Speed Racer DVD comes out today.  It’s called “Speed Racer: The Next Generation”.  Looks interesting and I may pick it up depending on how much bank I have.  Can’t really afford much.  Bills suck and I need a raise.

Moving on, the Big Hurt, Frank Thomas got picked up by the Oakland Athletics last week.  Forgot to mention it and thought I would for the 2 people that give a damn.  Glad to see he found a home back at a former home.  Makes me happy and warm inside.  That was weird.  Sorry.

Next up, there are pics from the Street Fighter movie.  Looks like complete shit.

Anyway, glad I didn’t buy the Iron Man game.  Terrible reviews.  Movie was great (check out the review below) but I guess the game is short and shallow (isn’t that what she said….sorry). 

I’ll end this with a little Smallville news since I love that show.  Michael Rosenbaum is officially gone as a regular.  He will be guest starring in a few next season, but offically (as in The CW’s website) he is gone.  They are bringing in two new villains.  First up is Doomsday.  No clue why or how they are going to do this but I gave up on this show being “official” long ago.  As long as it is entertaining I could care less.  Finally there is a girl that is going to be the main baddy.  Supposedly someone from the comics.  It is probably either Livewire or Maxima.  Again, not sure why or how, but hopefully it will be good.

Losing Lex is both a good and bad thing.  He needs to get away from Clark so as not to recognize him as Superman (since Clark does not wear glasses), but Lex was just getting good.  He was truely evil and diabolical especially in last weeks episode when he was the president.  Just awesome television that was.

Anyway that about does it for now.  Watch Reaper tonight on the CW.  It is a great show.


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