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skate. and why it is awesome

Posted by rapaleeman on May 22, 2008

This isn’t going to be review though it will have some elements in there, just nothing official-like.

So last week I got word of a sequel to one of the best (if not THE) skateboarding games around, skate.  The original was great.  It had a minimalist, really short story yet I still play it to this day.  You start off as a great skater who is in an accident and essentially re-invent yourself.  Everything from looks, clothes, and your board all the way to the top.

The real draw to the game is it’s sense of discovery.  The control scheme is unlike anything else.  You use the right stick to ollie and then branch it to do kickflips, laser flips, heelflips, and tons of others.  The triggers grab the board with the respective hand and the left stick rotates/flips your body.  It’s weird because for one the set-up is very simple, yet extremely difficult to master.  Adn that is why I still play it.

To get that ultimate line at the one spot is the greatest feeling.  I love that game and the idea for another is just insane.  You will supposedley be able to walk, but beyond that it is anybody’s guess what will be added.  You can check out for the details and movies.

I think EA is adding in a story and that may be the downfall.  To me they want to give it the Need For Speed aspect.  They want to give it that edge over the competition.  The thing is the game doesn’t need it.  Unlike Tony Hawk, which I love as well, I didn’t buy skate. because of the story or even the pro skaters that were in it.  I bought it because of the overall skating.  The demo had me hooked.  The flick-it control scheme is the future as far as I’m concerned.

Anyway, enough of the happy.  Just wanted to let you people on the Internets know for those that didn’t.  I do wonder if they will bring back the Sidekick interface.  That was cool despite the blatant advertising for the T-Mob.


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