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Random Post: 6/01

Posted by rapaleeman on June 2, 2008

Updates and reviews will be a little sparse due to work and I will be in class all next week for training.  I will still try to check in, but the posts may not be very long and as full of vigor as they once were.  Sorry, but my job is slowly sucking the life out of me.

So the news on Transformers 2 has been kicking up.  Most of the original cast is back with a few extras.  Truthfully I don’t care.  I just want more giant fucking robots.  Nothing else.  Supposedly according to numerous sources, that’s what we’re getting.  Pictures of Ironhide holding a motorcycle (Arcee?) in his truck bed have shown up in PA where they are filming.  Also a three-wheeled bike has shown up as well on the same trailer (speculations say Ravage).  My feeling is that as long as things go boom more, there are less humans, and Peter Cullen makes a return, then I’m good.  I had huge doubts as many are away of for the first one.  Not this time.  In Michael Bay I trust.  I’ll post pictures if I get more.  I got some of Ironhide and the 2 bikes in my e-mail a few days ago, but they are everywhere on the net (or here

Now, for a movie I’m concerned about is Fast and Furious (The Fast and the Furious 4).  Supposedly Dom (Vin Diesal) is rocking a new Mustang and Brian O’Connor (Paul Walker) is rolling a Subaru Impreza Outback Sport.  Yeah, a damn station wagon.  Whatever.  Looks lame, but like Transformers, I’ll go see it.  I’ve seen the other 3 and I’m a sucker for cars and their movies.  Especially cars I can afford in my lifetime.

Lots of new games coming out.  Far Cry 2, the sequel to Beyond Good and Evil, Metal Gear 4, etc…. The list goes on.  Tom Clancy’s HAWX and Splinter Cell: Conviction are on the top of my lists.  They both look great and I need my Clancy fix.  Vegas 2 is finished and really, I need my realistic killing/stealth action.  I’ve missed Splinter Cell, since Double Agent kinda stunk it up with a crappy story.  At least the other 3 tried to tell a story.  Double Agent went off the deep end.  Plus it was still realy clunky.  This is next-gen people.  Smooth and realistic movements/physics is the future.  Better graphics no longer cut it.  Just ask Tony Hawk.

Ok, before I check out, I think I’m going to add in classic reviews of games that may be old, but you should check out, or really avoid.  I go through periods where I play older games and this has made me want to write up a few reviews.  I think I will.  Drop me a line if this is a bad idea but I think it would be cool and would expand the blog.  I may do classic movies and albums too.  Not sure.  Depends on how much time I have in the coming weeks.

Anyway, I’ll check in a few times this week and then after I get back from training.  Lates.


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