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Tony Hawk: Pro Skater/Marketing Genius

Posted by rapaleeman on June 17, 2008

So I feel like ranting today.  I’m tired and really need a nap, but noooooo.  I’m at “work” and have to do “work” things.  Screw that noise.  Well enjoy.

So Tony Hawk as many know is essentially the best skater to ever live.  That is somewhat debatable, but what isn’t is the fact that he is the most famous (sorry Danny Way and that annoying Rob Dyrdek).  Why is he famous is really my question and the subject of this random rant.

True he is a fantastic skater.  The “900” proved that.  I have loved watching the Birdman skate since the early 90’s (I know he started earlier, but this is when I picked it up).  I wanted to be the Hawk.  I had the Tony board and helmet.  Hell, even a few years ago I bought the digital camera he was selling.  I play his game seemingly ad nausea and can’t get enough.  I think I just found my answer.

The man (or his creative management team) is pure genius.  He has brought skateboarding into the modern day as a sport.  But not just a sport.  An entertainment franchise (think WWE without the hot chicks and violence if you will).  He made it cool to be a skater and listen to punk rock, though I’m not sure what his musical tastes are, that is the impression that I get (I think of the Mighty Mighty Bosstones every time I write that, sorry off track).

Currently he has 9 games (all on pretty much every console and handheld released).  The tenth game will be out next year.  Activision is skipping a year to add in more features and bring it back to it’s roots.  Tony Hawk Adrenaline is the tentative title and will supposedly feature a balance board not unlike the WiiFit. 

What do I think?  Does anyone really care or are you just humoring me by reading this?  Well, I don’t know.  Could be good, but I really like playing with my controller.  If I wanted to skate, I would be outside on my Tony Hawk board (well, now Birdhouse but you get the idea), wearing my Tony Hawk Helmet, with mounted Tony Hawk Camcorder, and Tony Hawk Pads.  As sarcastic as that sounds, those are all real products (check for a list) and I have a bunch of that crap (I want the sheets).

I want a better, tighter, more focused Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground.  As bad as it was, which wasn’t all that bad, it was only really lacking focus and final polish.  The nail-the-whatever modes were straight up ground breaking.  They were arcade like, but needed expert timing and finese.  Much like skate. and it’s title (which I love as well, yes I’m allowed to love 2 titles in the same genre, stop looking at me like that). 

That’s what I want.  Insane tricks that I will never be able to do in reality.  Much like the Birdman himself.  I will never be able to do the “900”, but I sure can kickflip.  I want my Hawk titles to be almost surreal, but challenging in terms of complexity.  skate. is like that for simple tricks and I applaud it for that.  I like the technical aspect.  Keep skate. realistic EA and Activision don’t you dare make Adrenaline a damn simulation game.  Arcade is where you need to be and well, what I want.  Just like NFL 2K and Madden couldn’t co-exist, the same essentially applies to skateboarding.

Which brings me to my final thoughts/news.  A few months ago, I heard of a Tony Hawk Sidekick LX being released.  Now he is an avid user of the ‘kick and has been a sponsored promoter since the Sidekick 2 if I’m not mistaken and T-Mobile is sponsoring the Hoom Boom Huck Jam this year so it makes sense.   Check hiptop3.comfor pics and details but the gist is it is a recoloring and redesign of an LX with the included OTA update already installed.

Personally, I’m all for it.  I’m actually debating if I want to update my skID for it.  It looks like the Hawk board I had when I was 11, with matching truck screws and Birdman graphic around the screen.  Looks great and I am really missing a camera on my phone.  Plus the lack of Edge data speed makes the Internet damn near unusable on my skID.  I really do love the design.  I’ll have to check the fund-age.

So my rant, or thoughts if you will leads me to the ultimate conclusion of the legendary Tony Hawk.  He is a fucking genius.  Not just on the board, but off as well.  He has created himself as a brand.  Something many singers, pop-stars and celebrities can only hope to do (stupid Kim Kardashian, looking at you).  As much as I hate buying into the corporate machine, I have.  Tony, I am a fan and as such it is my duty to make you even richer.  I will continue to buy your shit as long as your name is on it like the drone that the government thinks I am.  Now all you need to do is ditch Bam and Sheckler.  That and make more action figures.  I broke my miniature Tony (still have the finger board though) and need a new one so I can have it on my desk at work.  I play with my finger board when I’m, well bored.

End Rant


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