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Back to your regularly scheduled programming

Posted by rapaleeman on July 29, 2008

What’s up suckas?  I’m back to my regular schedule and am ready to go.  Work is still a bitch and life is kinda a pain in the ass, but all is good.

Been a busy couple of weeks.  I have done some fun stuff though.  Saw The Dark Knight (just outstanding), Speed Racer (not bad), and Wanted (surprisingly decent).  I got a review for The Dark Knight along with some insight coming in the near future.

Not really a random post, but not quite a focused one either.  I’ll be back to normal posts soon (read: within a day or 2).  Talk to yall then.


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A quick word from our sponsors

Posted by rapaleeman on July 24, 2008

I’m still alive.  Thanks for all those that e-mailed/called/talked to me since the last time I posted.

Life is still a little rough but with one day of training left and a 3 day weekend I am looking forward to coming back stronger and better than ever.

I will be revitalized.  I got a few articles, reviews, and rants in the draft section that are still relevant and hope to have a ton more content in the next week or two.

Thanks again for the support.  My sarcastic ass will be back shortly.

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Update on progress

Posted by rapaleeman on July 18, 2008

Howdy yall.  Sorry for the lack of updates.   I’m still in training and will be for another week.  Plus I have just been assigned a lot more work.  Not a huge problem on its own, but with everything going on at once, life is a tad busy at the moment. 

That means unfortunately, the blog will probably see less updates for the next week or two.  

Don’t fear for I will be back.  Oh yes.  I will be back.

See you when I see you.

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Random Post: 07/10

Posted by rapaleeman on July 10, 2008

Wow am I tired.  Work has been a bitch.  Too much shit to do.  I’m taking a break posting here just because I don’t feel like doing up more paperwork.

I was finally able to procure a copy of Fastlane on DVD.  I can’t wait to watch the show again.  All the fun and excitement.  Now on DVD for me to watch at my leisure.  I highly recommend everyone pick it up.  NOW.  You, go buy.  I wait.

Saw some more pictures of the Sidekick Gecco, or Sidekick 2008 as it is now called.  Whatever.  Thing looks money.  Hopefully it costs less than the LX.  Other than the smaller screen, it seems to have everything that the LX has and more.  I may have to acquire one when they become available.

I watched Batman: Gotham Knight last night.  It was good.  It was a collection of 6 short stories all by different animators and writers.  Any Batman fan needs to buy it.  It is a good watch and definately kept my interest.  A tad short though for a full length release.

The second season of Psych came out today too.  Bought that.  Great show.  You watch now.

Tonight, Burn Notice is back.  That show rocks as well.  One of the most underrated shows from last year.  Jeffrey Donovan and Bruce Campbell are great.  Very funny, witty, and just down right phenomenal action scenes.  Especially for a show on the USA Network.  That is the channel I’ll be tuned to for most of the summer so, hopefully I”ll see you guys there.

I haven’t seen Wall-e yet.  I really want too.  I saw Hancock for some reason.  Funny for an hour then boring.  I will say watching a drunk superhero fly is pretty funny and the beginning of the movie is just great.  The whole schtick of sticking people’s heads up other people’s asses is really funny.  Be prepared to fall asleep towards the end though.  The little “twist” is terrible and really dumb.  I should have gone to see Wall-e.  Or even Wanted.  Kinda want to see that too.

I really play too much skate. for the 360.  It’s getting to be a really bad habit.  I was up til almost midnight playing it last night online.  Just hanging out and playing is a blast.  I really like that game.  All they need is the online mode from Burnout Paradise and to be able to walk and I’m good to go.  I need help.  Really.

Anyway, just thought I’d check in.  Too much going on to finish anything up.  Still got a ton of shit in the drafts section but no time or motivation to finish them.  Whatever yo.  Stay frosty.

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Review: ESPN X-Games Skateboarding (PS2)

Posted by rapaleeman on July 7, 2008

Well, so I really wanted a new skateboarding game, but realized there aren’t any.  So I flipped through my collection and found this gem.  So continueing my classic random reviews here is one for ESPN X-Games Skateboarding.

Everyone think back.  Way back.  Back when the PS2 has just come out.  It is brand new.  In your home.  Yearning for some skating goodness.

Yes friends it is the year 2001.  It’s August and your board (get it, sorry, no more puns).  That describes me at the time.  I was in college, and wanted a skateboarding game.  Well Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 was a long 2 weeks away so I picked this up.  Wow, was I surprised.

So having played every PSOne skating game (Thrasher: Skate and Destroy was my favorite from that time) I wanted something better.  Not just mechanically, but graphically.  Well I got something like that.

Sort of an amalgom of Thrasher and Tony Hawk, ESPN was something special.  First off the graphics were fantastic for the time.  It shouted ESPN from everything.  The overlays, commentator, and feel felt like I was watching the X-Games.  The other courses were ok, but I spent most of my time in the X-Games mode.  Something I wish skate. had today.  A mode where you only compete in the X-Games.  Having that as a minigame in skate. would be a great idea. 

Anyway, the skaters, boards, and environments looked great.  Especially for a PS2 title.  The skaters all looked real and had their appropriate advertising on along with their gear.  Nice touch.  Bob Burnquest and Colin McKay highlighted the crew, of relative unknowns.  Their moves looked good too. 

The soundtrack was hot.  12 tracks all good, though Linkin Park’s, “A Place For My Head” repeated a little too much.  The board sounds worked.  Same with the commentator.  Not annoying, just kinda there.  Like he should be.

Now the bad.  The game was stiff and slow to respond.  Again, this wasn’t Tony.  You had to plan your lines and runs.  I like this approach.  It made the game harder, but worth the trouble of learning.  Once I got the timing, the game was great. 

Too bad THPS3 came out two weeks later.  ESPN went into the pile and only emerged to stop the boredom yet again.  At least it is still fun and difficult now.  Great game just not perfect.


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