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Chucks are the best

Posted by rapaleeman on July 7, 2008

Ok, so those that know me will see me constantly wearing one pair of shoes.  Up until a couple of days ago I religously wore my high top black Chuck Taylor’s from Converse.  I picked up a pair of low tops since my old ones were 8 years.  Yes you read that right, I have had those since my senior year of high school.

So when I came to the irritating realization that I had to replace them, I decided I would go for the low tops since whenever I wore shorts, I could couldn’t wear my Chucks.  Come on, if your wearing high tops with shorts you look like a douche bag.  I don’t care what people tell you, it’s true.  Well, the low tops are different even though I had a pair when I was in middle school.  I’m happy.

So what prompted this little rant or story or study if you will?  Well, I find it funny and interesting that I prefer to where shoes that were developed in 1923 over new kicks fresh with style.  There is something about the way they look and feel that make them perfect.  I don’t whether it is the flat bottom, the awesome grip, the color of the canvas, the price, or just the fact that they feel like I’m walking in bare feet.  Not sure.  I will tell you they are the most confortable shoes available.  Oh and they are only 40 bucks.

That is a great deal.  I spent 40 dollars 8 years ago and have not had to replace them until now, and even then it was only because of a small hole (though they were really falling apart on the inside).  The return on investment capitol is just staggering to me.  That comes up to 5 bucks a year.  Amazing.

Shifting focus I have noticed that more and more teenagers are wearing Chucks.  I think that’s good.  True I’m the “old guy” wearing their shoes, but it goes to show that a classic is a classic for a reason.  Girls wear them to mix and match colors.  Some guys do too, but mostly because they are either cheap, or the fact that they have a very thin sole.  Perfect for normal everyday activities.  That and skating.  Chucks were my first skate shoes when I was 12.  I got a pair after I got my Hawk board.

Yes they are classic.  They have a unique look that is all their own.  Everything from the canvas upper to the footprint is uniquely Chuck.  I love how there have been a ton of imposters, even to this day.  Airwalk, which used to be a brand I wore before they went Payless Exclusive (read: cheaply made), started the mainstream copying in the late eighties.  True Keds were the “official” first, but seriously, Airwalks were the first successful knock-off.

I had a pair of Airwalks.  I admit it.  Had a couple in fact.  Their first shoes, looked and felt like Chucks except for the better sole.  They had a sole that allowed for better grip to a skateboard, which is the reason I bought them (well, my mom bought them).  I eventually upgraded to a more traditional skate shoe from Airwalk that had a leather upper, not unlike the DCs and Vans of today.

Which leads me back to the point that the classics never die.  Now granted, Converse in the early 1940s was on the brink of bankruptcy but because of their awesome product and great marketing with the military, they stuck around.  Even after their little financial issues in 2003, they were bailed out by Nike and are now a subsidiary.

I know this may seem mute, but honestly, Nike wouldn’t have bought them if Chucks were a bad investment.  That is the real reason for the purchase.  The Weapon, Birdseye, and other random Converse shoes that nobody buys were not the reason.  Nope, the classic is what kept them (Converse) alive.

In a way, I miss the “Made in USA” on the back on shoe, but I can’t blame the outsourcing.  Especially now that the “issues” were worked out and the quality is back.  I will always have a pair of Chucks no matter how old I actually am.  They are comfortable, stylish, and most definately affordable.  I’m glad that Chucks are still around and according to Will Smith in I, Robot will be around in the year 2035 as well.


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