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An idea but not a good one

Posted by rapaleeman on September 24, 2008

I experimented with the google blogs on blogspot and really just don’t like it.  It is really cluttered and just seemed too bubbly for me.  I like the organization and overall feel of wordpress.

Weird but honestly I just don’t feel in control on the “blogspot” as I do here.  So I will continue to blog here for those that are interested.



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Smallville is back jack!!! Oh and Supernatural too.

Posted by rapaleeman on September 18, 2008

So today is a glorious day.  No, not becuase I did some type of illicit drugs and no I didn’t get my well deserved and worked for raise at work.  No my friends, Smallville is back.

So we are heading into the 8th season of Smallville.  Last we left Supes, he was in a fight for his life with Lex in the Fortress.  It was kinda lame, but honestly looking back, I am more excited now than I was then.  I wanna see what kickass-ery they have in stored. 

The previews show Green Arrow (now a series regular supposedly), Aquaman, and the Black Cannary looking for Clark.  It looks awesome.  This year there is a few new baddies so it looks like the emerad archer and friends are gonna have some people to fight.

Doomsday is making an appearance same with a new head of LuthorCorp (with Michael Rosenbaum leaving and all).  Hopefully they don’t do it too cheesily.  I loved this show when it first appeared, but other than a few episodes the last couple of seasons (namely Arrow and Justice) the show has kinda fizzled.  I need something.  Please don’t eff this up.  At least finish it off with a good ending.   This show needs that and oddly enough, it is already written for them.

In other news Supernatural is back.  In a show that keeps getting better every year, we last saw Dean dead in hell beign ripped apart by chains.  What will happen?  What will Sam do?  These are the questions that I must find the answers too.  Hopefully Dean comes back as a demon.  That would be sweet.

Anyway watch tonight on the WB.  Then watch Burn Notice and TiVo the finale of Flashpoint and hope that gets renewed.  Then watch the re-runs of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  That show is hilarious.  It’s going to be a busy, late night.

I’m out bitches.

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How do you feel about Androids in your pocket?

Posted by rapaleeman on September 12, 2008

Here’s something that took me by surprise.  Sept 23rd is the “supposed” release date for the T-Mobile G1 (HTC Dream).  The big news is that it will be the first cell phone to run google’s new OS software Android.

Now I have heard of this thing called Android and followed it pretty close, but to hear that the release of the supported hardware is so close was a biggie.  Check this out.

Sorta Sidekick like right?

Sorta Sidekick like right?

 Now most people have hated it.  They have said it sucks and looks cheap.  While that may be true, I like it.  A grown up Sidekick would be awesome and is exactly what I need to keep my effed up life in check. 

Not only does this beast have a sexy keyboard, but it also has a touchscreen and trackball.  It is used in an iPhone like orientation when not in “Sidekick mode”.

Me like it.

Me like it.


I think I may have to pick this bad boy up.  I think it is sweet.  We’ll see come Sept 23.

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Busy times call for a break in the action

Posted by rapaleeman on September 8, 2008

So life is busy yet again.  Sorry.  Time is slipping away from me.  The blog isn’t dead more like in hybernation again. 

Not only have I not really had the time to write much of anything,  nothing has really inspired as of late.

There are a lot of new TV shows and premieres popping up right now so you may see a few reviews or rants on those.  Not many movies except for Max Payne which looks fuckin awesome.  We’ll see.

Have no fear, I am still hear.

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