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How do you feel about Androids in your pocket?

Posted by rapaleeman on September 12, 2008

Here’s something that took me by surprise.  Sept 23rd is the “supposed” release date for the T-Mobile G1 (HTC Dream).  The big news is that it will be the first cell phone to run google’s new OS software Android.

Now I have heard of this thing called Android and followed it pretty close, but to hear that the release of the supported hardware is so close was a biggie.  Check this out.

Sorta Sidekick like right?

Sorta Sidekick like right?

 Now most people have hated it.  They have said it sucks and looks cheap.  While that may be true, I like it.  A grown up Sidekick would be awesome and is exactly what I need to keep my effed up life in check. 

Not only does this beast have a sexy keyboard, but it also has a touchscreen and trackball.  It is used in an iPhone like orientation when not in “Sidekick mode”.

Me like it.

Me like it.


I think I may have to pick this bad boy up.  I think it is sweet.  We’ll see come Sept 23.


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