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Random: 10/31

Posted by rapaleeman on October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween suckas.

So Smallville this season is just awesome.  Green Arrow as “Superman” was sweet.  The same with the whole, lose the cape line.  Just great.  Next weeks episode has Kara aka Supergirl back.  Gonna be a good season.  Keep it up writers.

Supernatural as well is awesome.  The whole legend of Sam Hain was cool.  Plus the story plot points that poured out in this episode.  Wow!

So, changing subjects, I downloaded the Mirror’s Edge demo for the PS3.  Surprisingly the game is great.  The first person perspective is really immersive and it works.  There is a head bob, but not too much and the way the screen inverts when you roll is cool, disorienting, and extremely well done.  Really good game so far, I’m just curious how long it will be.

I’m addicted to Red Bull Cola.

I am officially a fan of the Gym Class Heroes.  Their rap is a little too boy bandish, but their execution is straight up The Roots or N.E.R.D. circa their first album.  Good stuff.

I’m addicted to Midnight Club Los Angeles.  The AI is cheap, unfare, and really pissing me off.  I win some races, but lose others when I should have won.  For some reason I can’t put it down though that will probably change when Gears 2 drops next week.

Beef Taco Hot Pockets are the greatest Hot Pockets brand flavor.



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Random: 10/20

Posted by rapaleeman on October 20, 2008

I’m back.  Well back at work at least.  This will be a little different than the usual random.  Well not different, but maybe a little broader in scope if you will.

So I am currently abusing the buy 2 get 1 free deal from Toys R Us.  I bought Star Wars The Force Unleashed, Dead Space, and Saints Row 2.  Oddly, I am taking back SR 2 which I thought I would love.  After further thoughts it seemed stupid.  I’m trading it in for Midnught Club: Los Angeles.  I need me some racing son.

Dead Sapce is a great game.  I got nothing else.  It is awesome.  You buy now.

The Clone Wars TV show is actually not bad.  Better than I expected.  Animation, acting, stories, and overall feel of the show works.  It sucked as a movie, but in small 30 minute doses, me likey.

The Life and Times of Tim on HBO is frickin great.  So stupid yet so funny.  Everyone should be watching it.

Same with Knight Rider.  That show is so stupid it is funny as well.  Terrible acting, and stories, but for some reason I kept watching.  Mainly the car.  And Val Kilmer.  I like Val Kilmer.

Heroes is on again and honestly I am going to bitch about it again.  I am still watching it, but come on.  It can’t get stupider.  Can it?

I got a pair of Globe Fusions and they are extremely confortable shoes.  I kinda wish that maybe I got a size bigger, but they feel ok.  Lots of cushion.  Like a slipper.

I want to see Max Payne.  Bad review or not.  I still want to will see it.

Red Bull has a cola out now called, get this, Red Bull Cola.  It tastes like a Coke Slurpee melted down.  I like it.  Tastes yummy.

Friday Night Lights came back on TV a couple of weeks ago, but I had to download the episodes off of the net since I dumped Direct TV.  First episode was actually really good.  I got the other two to watch, but I have high hopes that I doubt will be shattered.  I legitimately care for the cast on the show, even though they keep changing the damn ages of the kids.  I thought Riggins was a Senior in the first season.  Maybe he failed a grade.

The Mentalist is a great show.  Very funny, witty, and above all just smart.  The producers and writers really do think outside the box.  Thank You.

Terminator got picked up for a full season.  Thank you Fox.

Terreance Howard is out as War Machine.  That sucks cause he is a perfect Rhodie.  However, Don Cheadle is a great actor who I like so we’ll see if this doesn’t bite the stingy production company in the ass.

Christian Slater is in My Own Worst Enemy tonight.  The first episode was great so here’s hoping.  I like Slater.  Ever have since I saw Kuffs.  Then I caught up with Pump Up The Volume, Hard Rain, Broken Arrow, and ,my favorite, Gleaming The Cube.  Yeah the skateboarding movie.  That movie is rad.  It’s ok to say rad since the movie was made in 1991.

And I am spent.  Time for a cigarette.

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I’m thinking of going Blackberry.

Posted by rapaleeman on October 15, 2008

So I am thinking of going Blackberry.  I have tried a ton of phones and really there is just something missing.  I want a phone that is connected definately and it needs to have a full keyboard or at least a suretype like my Shadow (RIP) did.  The issue is that most of those phones have some kind of quirk or issue and it ends up pissing me off.

I returned the Sidekick LX because of the battery life.  The phone had a tinny sound to the calls and they were full of static.  I still think it is an awesome phone, but after careful deliberation it was not for me.  The phone had the update which was cool, but it started to kill the battery so that phone had to go.  I need more than than an 18 hour battery.  Yeah I’m serious it was that short.

So I am looking for something new.  I have really been debating the G1 since it looks awesome and completely customizable.  The issue is I don’t really want to mess with it.  I just want it to work though the keyboard looks money and I am a fan of touchscreens for the basic stuff.  Just not typing.

I am not a fan of Windows Mobile phones but I really like the GSM version of the Touch.  Sexy, sleek, and cool.  Just doesn’t have a keyboard.  Plus it is expensive.

In a way I am warming up to the iPhone.  I like the all touchscreen combined with an iPod since my iPod is now DOA.  Stupid thing won’t sync and makes funny noises, plus barely plays.  The big issue again is no keyboard to text with.  Also the evil empire is in charge.  You know, AT&T.

So I am now at the Blackberry.  Not one device but the service in general.  Sorta like a Sidekick in idea really.  The Blackberry servers in general handle the data while the T-Mob handles the text/voice.  Basically the same as Danger with the kicks.  It is 20 bucks for unlimited internet and 300 messages.  Not bad but I would need to add in a better text plan.  I can burn through that hella quick.

Now onto the devices.  I like them.  They are plain but functional.  Trackballs are good and no touchscreen increases the durability.  Everything is integrated (again like the Sidekick) and I am happy with that.  Battery life on all the devices seems really good. 

I got a free Pearl over the weekend (used but functional) and am thinking of unlocking it to use.  I want to see how it fits into my life.  Maybe I can become a crackberry addict.  Who knows on that front.  Time will tell.

Side-note: The Blackberry Storm (the all touchscreen BB) looks awesome.  If the keyboard is good to type on, then I may have to try to find a GSM one unlocked when they launch. 

End Rant

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Why does Heroes suck so much?

Posted by rapaleeman on October 8, 2008

So in thinking of things to discuss I finally came to the conclusion that my opinion on the new season of Heroes need to be addressed.

After finally watching the last episode on my TiVo I can honestly ask: “What was it that made this show so great the first year?”.  The second season was lackluster, but I blamed that on the strike.  This season though is just boring.  It seems the writers are just trying to do things for shock value alone.

I mean seriously.  Silar as a dad?  Claire as a true villain?  Ando killing Hiro?  It just seems to me that the people on this show are looking for ways to basically flip flop everything and in doing such has completely changed how each character is or was.  I understand that characters need to evolve, but when basically every character is doing a switcharoo, then what was the point of the last two seasons?  The only truly interesting character is Peter and even he is an obvious archtype. 

I’m not sure what to think.  Should I give up on the show or maybe I should keep watching in hopes that this extremely obvious storyline takes a better turn and creates a continuity that works for the better.  I don’t know. 

I am really enjoy Prison Break a lot more this year which is the reason I am watching that and recording Heroes.  Didn’t think Prison Break would be so effin awesome this year but it has really rebounded.  Plus I get to check out all of the awesome 24 previews.

I will continue to watch it for now.  If it continues to suck, then I’m not sure how long I can keep up this facade.

Random side-note:  How terribly awesome is Knight Rider.  The show is just terrible, but when the music kicks in and Kitt starts driving I get a little stiff (if you catch my drift).  It’s weird but it is my quily pleasure of the season.

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The Graysons? Really?

Posted by rapaleeman on October 2, 2008

So I got an e-mail from a friend of mine who told me about a new TV show.  Supposedly a new show is in the works about a young Dick Grayson, or DJ as the show will call him.  How this will work I have no idea.

I did some quick research and read the article on Ign and a few other announcements about it.  They talk of how the show will go, but really, it sounds a little flimsy.  I’m assuming they will stick him in high school and that his parents won’t be dead (hence the title), but isn’t that what made the character?

I mean Bruce Wayne before the death of his parents was normal too.  This kid has no powers other than being a decent gymnast.  Superman on Smallville had powers cause he was a freakin alien.  Most DC characters have a “normal life” before some tragic event.

With all of that said, I am still interested.  I will definately tune in since the development team behind Smallville and Supernatural are on board.  Who knows.  Could be an amazing show.  Right?

IGN Link

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