Form feet and legs. Form arms and body.

And I’ll form the head.

Random: 10/31

Posted by rapaleeman on October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween suckas.

So Smallville this season is just awesome.  Green Arrow as “Superman” was sweet.  The same with the whole, lose the cape line.  Just great.  Next weeks episode has Kara aka Supergirl back.  Gonna be a good season.  Keep it up writers.

Supernatural as well is awesome.  The whole legend of Sam Hain was cool.  Plus the story plot points that poured out in this episode.  Wow!

So, changing subjects, I downloaded the Mirror’s Edge demo for the PS3.  Surprisingly the game is great.  The first person perspective is really immersive and it works.  There is a head bob, but not too much and the way the screen inverts when you roll is cool, disorienting, and extremely well done.  Really good game so far, I’m just curious how long it will be.

I’m addicted to Red Bull Cola.

I am officially a fan of the Gym Class Heroes.  Their rap is a little too boy bandish, but their execution is straight up The Roots or N.E.R.D. circa their first album.  Good stuff.

I’m addicted to Midnight Club Los Angeles.  The AI is cheap, unfare, and really pissing me off.  I win some races, but lose others when I should have won.  For some reason I can’t put it down though that will probably change when Gears 2 drops next week.

Beef Taco Hot Pockets are the greatest Hot Pockets brand flavor.



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