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As the smoke clears…

Posted by rapaleeman on December 31, 2008

So this is going to be my last post of 2008.  I know it seems kinda dull and pointless to point that out (that sentence sounds bad when I read it back to myself but I don’t feel like correcting it). 

 The thing, or the point is, that time has passed.  Days turn to nights, which turn to weeks, and then to months and years.  Yet, I seem to be standing still.  Not just in life, but in thought.  I still like the things I liked when I was a kid (along with newer stuff I’ve acquired) and even though I am older, wiser, smarter, etc… I still feel the same.

I know people say as you grow older you change.  That may be true for some, but for me I seem to be the same guy I was when I was 10.  It’s kinda hard to explain, but overall I feel that even though I have made progress in life, a piece of me is, and always will be, well… me.

Sorry to trip out on people, and no I’m not high or drunk (will probably be drunk as hell later).  This is just something that I came to realize as I look back over my accomplishments, or lack thereof, in my life.  The good, the bad.  The happy, the sad.  I see the mistakes that I have made, but then I see some of the great decisions I have made to put myself on the successful career path that I am on and I think wow. 

This has been a pretty crappy year in terms of my personal life.  I had some shit go down last week that fucking sucked and on the whole, family wise shit has.. … … sucked.  Professionally, things have been great.  Yes, I know I have bitched about my workplace, but overall my rewards have paid off.  I jumped 3 pay grades and doubled my salary, got my own program to work under, and am a giant success with my co-workers.

With all this said, tomorrow is a new year.  A new beginning, as is every year.  I no longer make resolutions because, if you are a decent person and live well with your life, then resolutions are not required.

So as the smoke clears on the explosion that was 2008 think about all that you did (good or bad) and examaine how you want to live.  I hope that everyone has a great New Year, and that all the bad gets wiped away so that you can start anew. 


Sorry for being so preachy.


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Quick Gears tidbit

Posted by rapaleeman on December 24, 2008

So I have playing Gears a lot lately and now I am actually pretty good.

Just yesterday I was dishing out 2-piece extra value meals like I was a counter attendant at KFC.

See you out there kids.

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Happy Holidays?

Posted by rapaleeman on December 24, 2008

Since I am not allowed to say “Merry Christmas” to people in my office in fear of being dubbed a “racist” or “prejudice” but come on.  We all are racist or prejudice in some way, shape, or form.  That’s the world we live in.  Where a simple greeting can be miscnstrued to becoming some kind of racial epitaph against another culture when all you said was “wut up?”. 

In any event, not trying to offend but “Merry Christmas”.  I’m sorry if you are offended but I am a caucasian male, who is of Irish descent and that is my saying of choice.  I am no longer sugar coating it.  Enjoy.



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Random: 12/15

Posted by rapaleeman on December 15, 2008

Good Monday Morning,

Let me start off by saying that the new X-Men Origins: Wolverine trailer is really dumb.  The movie will do well, sure.  But come on, it looks really bad.  The trailer was cheesy, dialogue was dumb, and the overall addage of mre is better is what the producers were going for I believe.  WTF do Deadpool and Gambit have to do with the origins of Wolverine?  If you guess little to nil you are correct.

I’m extremely pissed.  My Chucks started to fall apart this morning.  They don’t make’em like they used too.  Oh well, 40 bucks for 6 months isn’t bad.

Speaking of shoes, the new Converse skate shoes, or CONS (really original and kinda dumb to me but whatever) are really sweet.  I may have to pick up a pair come 1/1/2009 when they release.

The new Alkaline Trio album is really good.  I have never been a huge fan, but I really liked it.  Take that as you will.

The new Fray song “You Found Me” is pretty good.  A tad too sappy, but the new album could be good.  “How To Save A Life” was great so I have high hopes.

I was right, Playstation Home did officially release into beta (did I just blow your minds?).  Dude, it is so slow and boring.  I love the idea, but it is really dull right now.  Hopefully Sony gets off their ass and adds in some shit, though the idea of buying an in-game t-shirt with real money is stupid.

I’ve been sick all weekend, but that didn’t stop me from playing Gears some more.  I am damn near addicted to horde mode now, though territorries is still my playlist of choice.  See you on the battlefield.

It’s only like 8 in the morning, but I really want an effin taco.

Well, back to work.

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Random: 12/11

Posted by rapaleeman on December 11, 2008

Mornin yall.

So I saw the Terminator 4 trailer today and wow.  That movie is going to kick so much ass.  The Bale looks the part of Conner and the overall feel of the movie gives off this desperate feeling.  Way to go producers.  Keep up the good work.

The Dark Knight is on DVD, you need to go buy it now.  The movie is amazing and worth every penny.  Movie of the year with Wall-e right behind it.

I really want to see Bolt.  Not sure why but it looks great.

The Punisher: Warzone was terrible.  Do not watch it.  Boring, stupid, and just plain silly is the only way I can describe it.  Oddly, Ray Stevenson does a great job.  He is the Punisher.

My Own Worst Enemy is almost over, but it is still great.  Up yours NBC for canceling it.

Zak and Miri Make A Porno was hilarious. Extremely funny.  Dutch rudder anyone?

Gear2 is still amazing.  Even with the crazy amounts of lag it is still fun and worth it.

Playstation Home open beat starts today I believe.  I got the invite a while back but it was kinda boring.  Here’s hoping they add more shit to do.

I want an iPod Touch.

I no longer want a Blackberry Storm.  It looks cheap and tacky plus the screen tapping down is stupid.  I do want to see what the Nokia 5800 Tube has to offer.

That’s it.  Sorry it is kinda short.  A lot going on and not much excitement or intrigue to back it up.

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