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Random: 12/15

Posted by rapaleeman on December 15, 2008

Good Monday Morning,

Let me start off by saying that the new X-Men Origins: Wolverine trailer is really dumb.  The movie will do well, sure.  But come on, it looks really bad.  The trailer was cheesy, dialogue was dumb, and the overall addage of mre is better is what the producers were going for I believe.  WTF do Deadpool and Gambit have to do with the origins of Wolverine?  If you guess little to nil you are correct.

I’m extremely pissed.  My Chucks started to fall apart this morning.  They don’t make’em like they used too.  Oh well, 40 bucks for 6 months isn’t bad.

Speaking of shoes, the new Converse skate shoes, or CONS (really original and kinda dumb to me but whatever) are really sweet.  I may have to pick up a pair come 1/1/2009 when they release.

The new Alkaline Trio album is really good.  I have never been a huge fan, but I really liked it.  Take that as you will.

The new Fray song “You Found Me” is pretty good.  A tad too sappy, but the new album could be good.  “How To Save A Life” was great so I have high hopes.

I was right, Playstation Home did officially release into beta (did I just blow your minds?).  Dude, it is so slow and boring.  I love the idea, but it is really dull right now.  Hopefully Sony gets off their ass and adds in some shit, though the idea of buying an in-game t-shirt with real money is stupid.

I’ve been sick all weekend, but that didn’t stop me from playing Gears some more.  I am damn near addicted to horde mode now, though territorries is still my playlist of choice.  See you on the battlefield.

It’s only like 8 in the morning, but I really want an effin taco.

Well, back to work.


4 Responses to “Random: 12/15”

  1. Irina said

    Good Sir, I’ll have to respectfully disagree. The Wolverine trailer looked fantastic. I hope the movie doesn’t disappoint. Sympathies on the Chucks. Mine make it to the 8 month mark, barely. Super glue helps.

    Sincere Regards.

  2. rapaleeman said

    Ahh, so a believer. It may be an action blockbuster but honestly the franchise is lost without some type of reboot ala Batman Begins.

    Watched it again and really felt the same. How much shit could they load into a movie to get audiences?

    I do hope your right and that the movie is great, but I am unfortunately no longer a true believer in the X-Men franchise.

  3. Ignorance said

    Hello there sir, I have visited your blog after seeing it as your gamefaqs sig. So I read a few things, you can tell Im bored at work, & I stumbled upon your Wolverine topic. Though I do agree that Gambit has nothing to do with Wolverines origin. Deadpool did play a major role ever hear of a little program called Weapon X? Maverick, wolverine, sabertooth, kane, wade wilson (deadpool). Wiki it if you have to but yeah, deadpool makes sence. Gambit does not. Happy New Year.

  4. rapaleeman said

    You be correct. I stand corrected. My inner-nerd did not come out as it should have. Can’t believe I forgot about all that.

    Good look.

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