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Random: 02/19

Posted by rapaleeman on February 19, 2009

Been a while.  Here be the random.

First up is the new Transformers 2 trailer.  Holy fuck is it awesome.  Prime jumping off of a freway to take on 1/7th of Devastator was just breathtaking.  Yes, that was only a piece of the massive constructicon.  It is supposed to stand 120 feet tall.  Let’s just hope the rumored Optimus Prime/Jetfire combination is strong as hell.

Saw the movie Push.  Wasn’t bad.  Really liked it overall.  The only irritation is the fact that the filmmakers made it seem like there was so much more going on.  That is all well and good with an established franchise, but in a newbie film, it got a little annoying trying to figure out what the hell was going on.

The International with always great Clive Owen was well boring.  I fell asleep.  It was like a 20 minute movie jammed into 2 hours.  The only highlight is the phenomenally well-choreographed gunfight in the Guggenheim Museum.  That was one of the most realistic fights I’ve seen in a while.  Except for the lack of reloads.  A 6 shot revolver has, gasp, 6 fucking shots.  Not 15.

Picked up Army of Two for cheap and played through that.  Short, sweet, and surprisingly fantastic.  Where was I when that released?

GI Joe: Rise of Cobra the movie still looks awesome.  I don’t care how crappy the plot is.  I don’t care that they all look like X-Men rejects with the black leather.  I don’t care that the action figures are really shitty looking (how Hasbro messed that up is beyond me).  The movie is going to be balls to the wall action.  Period.  End of story.  Awesome.

The Street Fighter movie (the Legend of Chun-Li one, not the Van Damme, Raul Julia classic) still looks stupid.

Killzone 2 comes out next week.  The demo was pretty good.  A little loose in the aiming but enjoyable.  Looked really pretty.

DiRT is finally getting a sequel.  The screens look great and the fact that there are now X-Games style arenas to drive in, I am seriously pumped.  Makes me wanna go buy a Subaru and rally down the street in front of my house.  Weird I know.  Leave me alone.

Knight Rider is getting better.  Too bad it will most likely, if it isn’t already, be cancelled.  I really wante da re-match between KITT and Optimus Prime.  That was sweet.

Weirdly, I haven’t played skate 2 in over a week.  It’s funny because I couldn’t put the first one down, but I kinda have left the sequel in the dust for Gears2 and COD4.  now I wanna play DiRT again.  Maybe the new DLC will make me want to pick the game up again.

Well, that about does it for this guy.  Holla at yall later.


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