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Why does Heroes suck so much?

Posted by rapaleeman on October 8, 2008

So in thinking of things to discuss I finally came to the conclusion that my opinion on the new season of Heroes need to be addressed.

After finally watching the last episode on my TiVo I can honestly ask: “What was it that made this show so great the first year?”.  The second season was lackluster, but I blamed that on the strike.  This season though is just boring.  It seems the writers are just trying to do things for shock value alone.

I mean seriously.  Silar as a dad?  Claire as a true villain?  Ando killing Hiro?  It just seems to me that the people on this show are looking for ways to basically flip flop everything and in doing such has completely changed how each character is or was.  I understand that characters need to evolve, but when basically every character is doing a switcharoo, then what was the point of the last two seasons?  The only truly interesting character is Peter and even he is an obvious archtype. 

I’m not sure what to think.  Should I give up on the show or maybe I should keep watching in hopes that this extremely obvious storyline takes a better turn and creates a continuity that works for the better.  I don’t know. 

I am really enjoy Prison Break a lot more this year which is the reason I am watching that and recording Heroes.  Didn’t think Prison Break would be so effin awesome this year but it has really rebounded.  Plus I get to check out all of the awesome 24 previews.

I will continue to watch it for now.  If it continues to suck, then I’m not sure how long I can keep up this facade.

Random side-note:  How terribly awesome is Knight Rider.  The show is just terrible, but when the music kicks in and Kitt starts driving I get a little stiff (if you catch my drift).  It’s weird but it is my quily pleasure of the season.


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Smallville is back jack!!! Oh and Supernatural too.

Posted by rapaleeman on September 18, 2008

So today is a glorious day.  No, not becuase I did some type of illicit drugs and no I didn’t get my well deserved and worked for raise at work.  No my friends, Smallville is back.

So we are heading into the 8th season of Smallville.  Last we left Supes, he was in a fight for his life with Lex in the Fortress.  It was kinda lame, but honestly looking back, I am more excited now than I was then.  I wanna see what kickass-ery they have in stored. 

The previews show Green Arrow (now a series regular supposedly), Aquaman, and the Black Cannary looking for Clark.  It looks awesome.  This year there is a few new baddies so it looks like the emerad archer and friends are gonna have some people to fight.

Doomsday is making an appearance same with a new head of LuthorCorp (with Michael Rosenbaum leaving and all).  Hopefully they don’t do it too cheesily.  I loved this show when it first appeared, but other than a few episodes the last couple of seasons (namely Arrow and Justice) the show has kinda fizzled.  I need something.  Please don’t eff this up.  At least finish it off with a good ending.   This show needs that and oddly enough, it is already written for them.

In other news Supernatural is back.  In a show that keeps getting better every year, we last saw Dean dead in hell beign ripped apart by chains.  What will happen?  What will Sam do?  These are the questions that I must find the answers too.  Hopefully Dean comes back as a demon.  That would be sweet.

Anyway watch tonight on the WB.  Then watch Burn Notice and TiVo the finale of Flashpoint and hope that gets renewed.  Then watch the re-runs of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  That show is hilarious.  It’s going to be a busy, late night.

I’m out bitches.

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Random: 08/21

Posted by rapaleeman on August 21, 2008

Well, been a while since I did a random and I kinda need to.  So let me blow my load here and give yall some of my knowledge.

First up is the word “knowledge”.  Come to find out if you ask a gang member what their “knowledge” is they tell you who they are, where they been, wrapsheet, and particulars.  Interesting fact. 

I really want a pair of Heely’s to roll around in my office.  I know they are kiddy, but really it would be cool.  We have some really long hallways and to “heel” down them would be sweet.  True they are kinda childish, but really who doesn’t think it would be cool.  Anybody?  Anybody?  Screw you guys, it would be sweet.

Anyway, I just bought Mass Effect for the 360.  Got it on sale.  I really wanted Too Human but due to a lack in fundage couldn’t afford a full priced title.  I really needed something after the letdown of Soul Calibur IV.  I doubt I’ll ever play that crap again and EBGames only want to give me $30 bucks for it.  Screw that noise.  It cost me $60 dude.

I did pick up a few DVDs for cheap and am watching some of those.  I watched Birds of Prey and honestly it was a lot better than I actually remember it.  Good show.  The new music is ok too (except for the final fight, it needed t.a.t.u. in there).  Got and watched Fastlane too.  Great show as well and the music wasn’t a huge deal except for the theme song and it was missing “I Wanna Be Sedated” by The Ramones in one of the episodes.  The other missing music wasn’t a big deal.

Shwayze had an album drop on Tuesday and it is just really good.  Rap, acoustic, folk, and good ol’ California Pop mixed in is a great combination.  Highly recommend everyone go and buy.  NOW!!!

Hawthorne Heights new album “Fragile Future” came out too and it is just ok.  They lost quite a bit when their other vocalist/guitarist died.  The problem is that they still write the songs as if he is still alive and singing with them.  The problem that is created is that the music is just a really whiny guy singing and a ton of blank spots where there should be screaming.  No contrast in music that really needs it.  The songs though are actually well done, and well written.  Just the delivery and a musician is only as good as the delivery.

Final thought is that the Sidekick LX actually has a screen protector on it out of the box.  Thank you Sharp/T-Mob.

That about does it.  I’m tired and really want to go home.  Watch Burn Notice and Flashpoint on tonight.  Both really good shows.

End Transmission

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The X-games were effin sweet

Posted by rapaleeman on August 5, 2008

Dude did anybody catch the X-Games this weekend?  While I stayed at home, worked and went to a place three sheets to the wind, I did and boy were they awesome. 

Most of the games was kinda lame.  Let’s be honest it was.  Danny Way was awesome and so was Bob Burn, but really the skateboarding was terrible besides those 2 points.  I don’t care anymore about Jake Brown.  For real.  I don’t.  Motocross is a wash cuz well it is a stupid sport.  BMX was pretty good this year and watching Bestwick go down, get back up and win gold was pretty spectacular.

Well if it was all so mediocre to terrible why did I like it so much you may be asking?  Well one word: RALLY!!!!!!!!  Hell yell.  The rally racing on the special stage they cooked up was sweet.  Watching Dave Mirra crash into the wall, ACP flipping an EVO, and even Prastrana doing donuts in front of my favorite driver (Tanner Foust).  It was a whole crapload of awesome.

I was glued to my chair the entire time and even watch it again on the good ol’ TiVO.  I mean seriously why is this sport not as popular as NASCAR.  Rally is awesome and not just the special stages.  The man vs nature calling of the sport is terrifying, yet totally satisfying to watch.  A great experience.

Hope everyone enjoyed it.  If not I’m sure you can catch it on iTunes.  It’s all the rage these days.

Catch yall later.  Still kinda busy, and work keeps getting worse.  I am trying to stay afloat and this little reality check/ventilation of thoughts if you will is a really great break.  Thanks for the continued support.

And yes, I did delete a post.  You are not mistaken.  A little too much about work if you know what I mean.


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Random Post: 07/10

Posted by rapaleeman on July 10, 2008

Wow am I tired.  Work has been a bitch.  Too much shit to do.  I’m taking a break posting here just because I don’t feel like doing up more paperwork.

I was finally able to procure a copy of Fastlane on DVD.  I can’t wait to watch the show again.  All the fun and excitement.  Now on DVD for me to watch at my leisure.  I highly recommend everyone pick it up.  NOW.  You, go buy.  I wait.

Saw some more pictures of the Sidekick Gecco, or Sidekick 2008 as it is now called.  Whatever.  Thing looks money.  Hopefully it costs less than the LX.  Other than the smaller screen, it seems to have everything that the LX has and more.  I may have to acquire one when they become available.

I watched Batman: Gotham Knight last night.  It was good.  It was a collection of 6 short stories all by different animators and writers.  Any Batman fan needs to buy it.  It is a good watch and definately kept my interest.  A tad short though for a full length release.

The second season of Psych came out today too.  Bought that.  Great show.  You watch now.

Tonight, Burn Notice is back.  That show rocks as well.  One of the most underrated shows from last year.  Jeffrey Donovan and Bruce Campbell are great.  Very funny, witty, and just down right phenomenal action scenes.  Especially for a show on the USA Network.  That is the channel I’ll be tuned to for most of the summer so, hopefully I”ll see you guys there.

I haven’t seen Wall-e yet.  I really want too.  I saw Hancock for some reason.  Funny for an hour then boring.  I will say watching a drunk superhero fly is pretty funny and the beginning of the movie is just great.  The whole schtick of sticking people’s heads up other people’s asses is really funny.  Be prepared to fall asleep towards the end though.  The little “twist” is terrible and really dumb.  I should have gone to see Wall-e.  Or even Wanted.  Kinda want to see that too.

I really play too much skate. for the 360.  It’s getting to be a really bad habit.  I was up til almost midnight playing it last night online.  Just hanging out and playing is a blast.  I really like that game.  All they need is the online mode from Burnout Paradise and to be able to walk and I’m good to go.  I need help.  Really.

Anyway, just thought I’d check in.  Too much going on to finish anything up.  Still got a ton of shit in the drafts section but no time or motivation to finish them.  Whatever yo.  Stay frosty.

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