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WTF is wrong with TV?

Posted by rapaleeman on May 16, 2008

So last night was the season finale for Smallville.  I watched it, enjoyed it, yet somehow I was left ultimately unsatisfied.  The epic battle between good and evil (Clark and Lex respectively) was lame and the plotlines for this season were never really resolved.  They may have been dealt with (Brainiac and the like) but it was like a punchline without a joke.  I didn’t get it.

This has lead me to a startling realization.  Other than a few key people in the almighty TV land, nobody knows how they are going to end a show or even about the ultimate payoff that a season or series finale should bring.  I mean as a fan or at least a loyal watcher of a show, they are entitled to a decent conclusion. 

I have never been a fan of cliffhangers for season finales mainly because you never know (or rarely know) if the show will be back.  Even with an almost guaranteed renewal things aren’t always set in stone. 

Case in point: Fastlane.  I loved that show.  It was The Fast and the Furious meets NYPD Blue.  Awesome show.  Very stylish and witty while still being sorta kinda grounded in reality.  The show ended with a cliffhanger and was supposed to be renewed for the next season.  that was the reason they reshot the ending to the show and gave it the cliffhanger.  However, two weeks after the last episode ended, TV Guide had a very small write-up of the cancellation followed by an online message from Fox themselves.  Weak!!!!

Other shows were like this too.  I can name off a bunch (Veronica Mars, The OC sorta, Black Sash, Day Break, etc…) but I won’t to save space and my sanity. 

Look.  My point of this whole thing is that TV producers want to bring dramas, serials, and fictional families to television for the audience to enjoy and to essentially let them into their homes.  They want the watchers (you and I) to become part of the families or one of the gang when it comes to most shows.  They want us to actually care about the characters.  They want us to feel the tention and drama when a character is in some type of peril whether it be physical or pshycological.

Then why in the hell would they have us watch a show that essentially leads to nowhere.  I have no problems with leaving the characters how we found them, just smarter or better off (The Sopranos and The OC are good examples).  I just despise when conflicts that the shows or numerous episodes have built up only to fizzle out like a soda that has been left out overnight, unrefridgerated, and in the open.  Just flat.

To any TV person reading this (really, like they traverse my neck of the Interwebs) stop it.  If your going to pull the plug that’s cool.  Some shows need to stop (The Simpsons and Scrubs are done).  At least let us have closure to the shows that deserve and need it.  It makes the viewer feel less used and abused and would at least make most of the masses happy.  Props to CBS for doing that with Jericho.  I didn’t like the show, but at least they finished it for the fans that were out there before pulling the plug.  Why they are pulling Moonlight is beyond me though.  Add another to my list I guess.


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Random Post 5/06

Posted by rapaleeman on May 6, 2008

So it’s Tuesday and well kinda boring here at my job.  I am on my lunch break, but not really hungry so I figured I’d check in with a few random musings.

First up a new Speed Racer DVD comes out today.  It’s called “Speed Racer: The Next Generation”.  Looks interesting and I may pick it up depending on how much bank I have.  Can’t really afford much.  Bills suck and I need a raise.

Moving on, the Big Hurt, Frank Thomas got picked up by the Oakland Athletics last week.  Forgot to mention it and thought I would for the 2 people that give a damn.  Glad to see he found a home back at a former home.  Makes me happy and warm inside.  That was weird.  Sorry.

Next up, there are pics from the Street Fighter movie.  Looks like complete shit.

Anyway, glad I didn’t buy the Iron Man game.  Terrible reviews.  Movie was great (check out the review below) but I guess the game is short and shallow (isn’t that what she said….sorry). 

I’ll end this with a little Smallville news since I love that show.  Michael Rosenbaum is officially gone as a regular.  He will be guest starring in a few next season, but offically (as in The CW’s website) he is gone.  They are bringing in two new villains.  First up is Doomsday.  No clue why or how they are going to do this but I gave up on this show being “official” long ago.  As long as it is entertaining I could care less.  Finally there is a girl that is going to be the main baddy.  Supposedly someone from the comics.  It is probably either Livewire or Maxima.  Again, not sure why or how, but hopefully it will be good.

Losing Lex is both a good and bad thing.  He needs to get away from Clark so as not to recognize him as Superman (since Clark does not wear glasses), but Lex was just getting good.  He was truely evil and diabolical especially in last weeks episode when he was the president.  Just awesome television that was.

Anyway that about does it for now.  Watch Reaper tonight on the CW.  It is a great show.

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Random Post 4/24

Posted by rapaleeman on April 25, 2008

Well it’s Thursday.  Not much happening this week.  Smallville is on tonight, along with Supernatural and Grey’s Anatomy.  Yes, as a 26-year-old male I watch Grey’s Anatomy.  The show has been going downhill since midway through the second season, but I usually will watch a show no matter how bad it is (examples, Flash Gordon and Painkiller Jane on Sci-Fi). 

Last weeks Smallville was amazing.  Well the last 10 minutes were.  The face-off at the cemetary was epic and makes me wish Lex was sticking around next season, though I hear he’ll be there for the majority of it so my mind is at ease.  Supernatural is also brand new tonight and it looks good.  The overall story of the show is good, but the “monster of the week” stories are sometimes week.  It’s good that the two brothers have such great chemistry since they make the show interesting and surprisingly funny.  I also like Dean’s (Jenson Ackles) taste in music so that helps.  Blue Oyster Cult for the win.

Let’s see, I picked up The World Ends With You.  I’ll put up a review once I beat it or maybe not since who knows if I’ll have time to beat it in a reasonable amount of time. 

I also bought Cloverfield this week.  I saw it in theaters but watching it at home after going through the viral marketing has given a clearer intention as to what JJ Abrams and Co were trying to do.  I got a review in the oven and if it comes together like it’s coming now it’ll be up sometime tomorrow afternoon.  If not, expect to see it somtime after the weekend.

And that’s it.  I’ll check in when I got some more info.

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Reviews and the Ratings scale

Posted by rapaleeman on April 2, 2008

Ok, so the rating scale is finalized and listed below.  I think it is the best way to rate instead of putting an arbitrary number on it.  Here it is, let me know if this idea is good, bad, stupid, or just plain psychotic.

Ratings Scale:


-Must be bought or watched immediately.


– Must be bought or watched eventually.  Maybe when the price is down or rent it.  Worth seeing.


– It’s ok and maybe if you have a spare buck/time you should pick it up or rent it.  Not a must have by any means, though a select few may get some enjoyment out of it.


– Avoid at all cost.  Terrible and not worth your time and money.

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Random Post for 3/28

Posted by rapaleeman on March 28, 2008

So, for those that visited yesterday and read the blog may notice a lack of a post.  Well stupid me accidently deleted it and it ain’t coming back.  So instead of re-typing it from memory or trying to reconstruct the wit and mastery that went into it I will just take the loss and move on.

Anywho, this has been a really crappy, yet great weak.  I lost my hearing (like anybody really cares), felt like crap, and generally had a terrible feeling of disgust for sports since I don’t consider basketball a sport (I’ll clarify, stick with me).  With that said, Thursday things took a drastic turn toward awesome.

I beat Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core for the PSP and must say that it is just amazing.  The ending is great, and damn near made me cry even though I already knew what was going to happen (since I played FF7 originally in 1999 and again a couple of years ago).  The presentation and quality of CGI and then the playable finale (you have to see to believe/understand it).  Just WOW.  Buy/acquire it in any way shape or form.  It is worth every penny/megabyte.

I’m not going to go on about the Street Fighter movie again (it got deleted), but I will say that the story looks promising, but having Lana from Smallville be your star is a problem.  She can’t really act based on her performance on my favorite show (yes even after the lackluster season this year) but I will save final judgement until I see the movie, or at least the first trailer.  Then I’ll probably bash the hell out of it.

I do need to comment again on the GI Joe movie though.  Two words describe my excitement.  SNAKE EYES.  There are two pictures of Ray Park as Snake Eyes and I must say he looks awesome.  Oh here’s the link of my favorite in case you haven’t seen it.

Ray Park as SNAKE EYES

My 5 reasons why this is a good thing sign:

1. No Goggles.  I like that they went with the visor.  Looks cooler and more deadly than a ninja wearing snowboarding goggles.  Really.  I know that the military uses them and all but they look stupid on a ninja.  Period.

2. The suit.  Glad they went the Metal Gear Solid/Splinter Cell way and made it a type of armor.  Looks like one of the Batsuits.  Very cool.  Plus his “patch” on the shoulder matches the tatoo the character has on his right forearm.

3. Ray Park.  Nice to see he is getting work outside of Ballistic: Eeks Vs. Sever.  Sad that his only good roles are ones where he doesn’t show his true face (Darth Maul or Toad anyone).  He has the skills to pull of the moves and he has proven he can do it in style.

4. The sword.  I’m a fan of ninjas anyway and I’m glad they gave him a real Katana.  They could have gone with a sword like Blade’s or a knife like the original action figure, but he looks money.  Perfect size.

5.  The gun.  Excited they went to a pistol (and a cool one at that).  They could have gone with an Uzi (the original figure had that), but the pistol is cooler.  The director said it was a Glock but he is wrong.  It is an FN Five-seveN (yes, that’s how it’s spelled).  Awesome gun.  Same as Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell.

I’m holding off final judgement since I damned the Transformers movie because of Bumblebee, but once it released and the Autobots transformed on-screen, I was hooked and I am seriously looking forward to number two.  That was my favorite movie from 2007 so I am definately hoping for the best.  I will say though that besides Ray Park the rest of the cast kinda sucks, but we’ll see.

Finally, basketball is no longer a sport.  It may have been once upon a time, but since Michael Jordan perfected the art of the dunk, it has stopped being an official sport to me.  A sport or contest (which is what a game is by definition of the NBA/NCAA) has rules.  The basketball that I have seen does not and what few rules there are/were are enforced whenever the ref feels like it.  Traveling, 3 seconds in the lane, double dribbling, etc… are on every play.  It is called maybe once or twice a game.  Plus when you rush the basket and knock someone over, that is a foul.  The defensive guy should not have to stand still and plant his feet.  That is stupid.  Don’t even get me started on the fact that professional basketball is fixed.  I mean think about it.  How can a person score 50-70 points one game and then 10 the next?

Well that does it for now.  My hearing is almost back to 100% (again, like anyone gives a crap).  The week has turned around too since I also found out that Fastlane will be on DVD on June 8th.  It’s a great show from 2002.  It was essentially Fast and the Furious the television series.  Awesome.  I may do an entire post on that when the dvd drops.  We’ll see.

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