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I’m thinking of going Blackberry.

Posted by rapaleeman on October 15, 2008

So I am thinking of going Blackberry.  I have tried a ton of phones and really there is just something missing.  I want a phone that is connected definately and it needs to have a full keyboard or at least a suretype like my Shadow (RIP) did.  The issue is that most of those phones have some kind of quirk or issue and it ends up pissing me off.

I returned the Sidekick LX because of the battery life.  The phone had a tinny sound to the calls and they were full of static.  I still think it is an awesome phone, but after careful deliberation it was not for me.  The phone had the update which was cool, but it started to kill the battery so that phone had to go.  I need more than than an 18 hour battery.  Yeah I’m serious it was that short.

So I am looking for something new.  I have really been debating the G1 since it looks awesome and completely customizable.  The issue is I don’t really want to mess with it.  I just want it to work though the keyboard looks money and I am a fan of touchscreens for the basic stuff.  Just not typing.

I am not a fan of Windows Mobile phones but I really like the GSM version of the Touch.  Sexy, sleek, and cool.  Just doesn’t have a keyboard.  Plus it is expensive.

In a way I am warming up to the iPhone.  I like the all touchscreen combined with an iPod since my iPod is now DOA.  Stupid thing won’t sync and makes funny noises, plus barely plays.  The big issue again is no keyboard to text with.  Also the evil empire is in charge.  You know, AT&T.

So I am now at the Blackberry.  Not one device but the service in general.  Sorta like a Sidekick in idea really.  The Blackberry servers in general handle the data while the T-Mob handles the text/voice.  Basically the same as Danger with the kicks.  It is 20 bucks for unlimited internet and 300 messages.  Not bad but I would need to add in a better text plan.  I can burn through that hella quick.

Now onto the devices.  I like them.  They are plain but functional.  Trackballs are good and no touchscreen increases the durability.  Everything is integrated (again like the Sidekick) and I am happy with that.  Battery life on all the devices seems really good. 

I got a free Pearl over the weekend (used but functional) and am thinking of unlocking it to use.  I want to see how it fits into my life.  Maybe I can become a crackberry addict.  Who knows on that front.  Time will tell.

Side-note: The Blackberry Storm (the all touchscreen BB) looks awesome.  If the keyboard is good to type on, then I may have to try to find a GSM one unlocked when they launch. 

End Rant


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