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First time for everything.

Posted by rapaleeman on March 24, 2008

I have heard about this awesome thing called blogging and most of my friends say I have an interesting way of looking at the world, so I figured I’d give it a try.  If I offend anyone well then I’m sorry but to be honest, I don’t care.  Enjoy my first of what may be many, or my last who knows, blogs.

I was thinking today about the conflicts in the world and all the other random nonsense that sense to plague the news, but really, who wants to hear that crap over and over.  So I have decided to talk about something more prevalent that is plaguing the society for which we call home here in America.  The Taliban?  Nope.  Global domination from Starbucks?  No, my good people, but the almighty entity of demon spawn know as AT&T.

Oh AT&T, who will hereby referred to as ATT or some type of prejudicial or discriminatory remark, is the worst cell provider in existence.  Yes, I’ve seen the commercials and yes their service is actually good.  What I’m talking about is their customer service.  Wow.  I have never had so much abuse from a particular group (not even from Xbox customer support) and what makes it worse is, they are AMERICAN.  Usually when customer support is farmed, it turns to crap, like aforementioned Xbox live support, but seriously.

I am not an average user.  I use my phone everyday.  It is my lifeline.  I have very few issues since I am pretty technical and can fix my crap without help.  Though I have and do use the internet to fix my phones ( when I can’t change something or have a question on my bill I call customer care.  I was (oh I switched if you can’t see where this is going) a business customer and if they talk down to people with real businesses and not just corporate discounts then I’m surprised they have any customers at all.

I have been called a liar, called stupid, and even told that I had to re-apply to get a discount on a phone.  Not only that, but since I changed jobs, I had to have my credit re-run and everything.  I take care of my credit.  I have been an ATT customer for 6 years.  Never been late on a payment and have always played by the rules.  I have taken abuse after abuse over my stay, and their stores aren’t much better, though the independent stores that aren’t corporate usually have great customer service which is well great, they just don’t have the correct access required so corporate I go.

 So what is my conclusion to this random attack on a giant corporate entity?  Simple.  I left.  I went to T-Mobile.  Granted they don’t have as much coverage (still not that noticeable of difference) but their customer service is top-notch.  Not only am I greeted, but the offer their ID numbers.  I have never run into a company that offers their employee ID numbers, but the t-mob takes pride in their customer care.  I appreciate that as a consumer and because of that I have given them my business. 

 I had picked up a Sidekick, but it was damn near falling apart after a week so it went back.  Settled on the Shadow in Copper (green looked fugly).  Great phone, though the battery life stinks and it is a fingerprint magnet.  More goods than bad to make it a worthwhile purchase.

So there you have it.  My first blog.  I feel cool and up-to-date.   I will probably update with random musings, meaningless rants about stuff I see and experience in this amazing yet extremely simple at the same time world.



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