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Review: Soul Calibur IV (Xbox 360)

Posted by rapaleeman on August 20, 2008

So I finally decided to spend some money and get a new game.  I was really bored and skate. is getting old though I still play it online.  I decided to buy the new Soul Calibur game since I loved the originals and the last one I played (number 2) stayed in my system for months.  Well, not this one.

I rarely make a bad decision when it comes to games and this wasn’t a bad decision, just a hasty one.  I wanted a fighting game and with the added Star Wars characters this seemed to be the perfect game.  It’s not, though not a bad game by any means.  Mainly stale.  Read on if you will.

So I fired up SC4 and started to battle.  I realized the same tactics and button mashing tricks from the past worked again here and that the same unbalanced characters were back.  Kilik is a tad slower, but considering how strong he is, he staggers almost any opponent damn near every hit.  Same can be said about many other characters, though Maxi is a weak tool now.  Yoda, a cool bonus character is broken.  He can’t be grabbed and honestly has terrible combos, though his force powers are pretty good.  Same with The Apprentice from the new Star Wars: The Force Unleashed game (demo coming tomorrow, yeah!!!!).  He is a little more balanced but is just Mitsurugi with a new skin and style with a little bit of force thrown in.

Anyway, as you can tell the characters are the same.  I wasn’t too happy, but at least I don’t have to relearn the entire game.  The characters do look great.  Gorgeous graphics and little to no aliasing.  Background are pretty and actually believable in terms of settings within the Soul Calibur world.  Though the chesticles on most of the female fighters are way too big to be effective in combat and cause a few of the fighters to be horribly misproportional.  But I digress.

The story mode is short.  5 fights.  That’s it.  Arcade mode is short.  8 fights.  That’s it.  The biggies are the online fighting and the tower.  To start the tower is lame.  You can customize your character, but really it is just a different  skin on one of the others and not being able to create a custom Jedi is bullshit.  The online play is absolutely phenomenal though.  Almost no lag, full voice, and other than the spammers and people who only pick the same damn fighters it is great.  Good community too.  Not like Halo or Gears where it is a ton of little kids.  I think the average age is more like 16 instead of 12. 

I’m not going to drag this on anymore.  The game is good.  It is just really the same as the other incarnations and really the Star Wars characters are a desperate gimmick that I think I sorta fell for.  Not ashamed or pissed off since I’m going to continue to play online, but really this game isn’t worth $60 of my hard earned money.  Look for a price drop soon.



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Review: Phantom Planet – Raise The Dead

Posted by rapaleeman on April 16, 2008

Some people were asking why I only review video games.  Well, I hadn’t gotten around to anything else until now.  Figured I’d review the new Phantom Planet album since I am a fan.  I may get around to putting up a review of a couple of movies I saw recently (namely Street Kings), but I don’t know.  Not really motivated to write those at this point.  We’ll see.

Here’s the Phantom Planet review:

Ok, I’m a huge Phantom Planet fan.  Been with them since I heard “The Guest”.  Yes, “California” was the first track I heard, however it was on the radio almost a year before The OC aired so when I say I’m a fan it isn’t because of some commercial vehicle they attached themselves to.  I even somewhat enjoyed the self-titled album they put out.  It was different, but it worked in my opinion to bring together a type of ordered chaos.

With that said, this album is just weird.  I’m not really sure where they wanted to go or even where they are heading.  “Phantom Planet is Missing” is the closest thing this album resembles, but even that would be pretty innacurate. 

It seems that they took a bunch of songs that should have been on “The Guest” and added in some old school flavor to create this amalgom of sound.  It isn’t bad by any means, but it is a pretty draastic departure in terms of the sound.  Like I said before, the lyrics are actually more along the line of “The Guest” rather than the self-titled and that is a good thing since the self-titled was a little shallow in terms of writing.

Overall though, the album is just really hard to classify and being a fan of their older stuff really doesn’t help all that much here.  I would honestly recommend this to fans of bands like JET or Panic! At the Disco rather than older Phantom Planet fans.  Those folks will probably get more out of it.

There are a few good songs here, but not much to get excited about.  I guess this album dropped silently because of that fact.  Or maybe it was because they left Epic and went to Fueled by Ramen where they do blend quite well along side the new Panic! album.  As much as I would like to Highly Recommend this album, I can’t. 


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