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Random: 6/10

Posted by rapaleeman on June 10, 2009

So it has been a while.

First up, I bought my tickets to go see 311 on June 28th.  They were the first band I ever saw live and after listening to their new album “Uplifter” I am really looking forward to seeing them again.  “Hey You” is an awesome single, but my favorite track is “Mix It Up”.  Amazing old school feel, yet still positive and downright catchy.  Kinda like “Crack the Code” from Evolver.  I’m just glad it is better than “Don’t Tread On Me”.  As much as I love Hexum and the bunch, that album was a let down.

While I’m on the subject of music, the new Taking Back Sunday album “New Again” came out too.  Not bad.  Catchy as hell.  Less screaming which is a good and a bad thing.  It is what defined them as the kings of Emo, yet it got annoying after a while.  I miss Fred on this album too.  The replacement dude kinda sucks and you can barely hear him.  He is no Fred that’s for sure.  No John Nolan either.  Speaking of which, when the hell am I going to get another Straylight Run album?

inFamous was good.  I played through and well, didn’t finish it, but I got farther along than I get on most open world games.  I can actually see myself finishing this one too.  I just really don’t like playing my PS3.  Not sure why.

Let’s see, oh the new Stan Bush remix of The Touch is actually really odd.  I like the slower pace, it works, but what the hell is with the weird not-really-sounding-like-but-trying-to-sound-like-Mike Shinoda style rap in the middle?  It what it would sound like if it was remade by Linkin Park.  not terrible, just a weird way to hear my favorite 80’s rock anthem.

I’m going to buy Prototype today I think.  I really want to play it.

What’s up with this new show called “The Listener”?  I agree with Greg Grunberg when he asked what the fuck on his Twitter page.  NBC must really be desperate.  Though to it’s defense it was a decent show.

Burn Notice is back.  YAY!!!  Great show.  Jeffrey Donovan is a great actor that is so underappreciated in this day and age.  Why he isn’t “truly” famous I have no idea.

E3 was big this year.  Project Natal was a waste of time and energy, but the rest was good.  Halo: ODST looks amazing. Same with Splinter Cell: Conviction.

That’s it for now.


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Random: 5/22

Posted by rapaleeman on May 22, 2009

So, I have some stuff.

First off, yes I did return the LX09.  The phone calls were too terrible to make the phone worth the price that I paid.  Nice phone, just terrible voice calls.

Next up, the new Linkin Park (New Divide) song for the Transformers 2 soundtrack is actually pretty good.  True it is essentially What I’ve done with different lyrics, but it is still a good song.  What happened to the rap/rock that I loved so much.  This song needs more Mike Shinoda, but that can be said about their entire Minutes To Midnight album can’t it.

I bought, played and beat Terminator: Salvation twice for the 360 since I got it on Tuesday.  Got the 1000 achievement score and am officially done with it.  Too many little bugs and glitches plus the lack of a decent makes it a definate avoid unless you are a die hard fan.

I am disappointed with UFC 09.  It is really easy to exploit the flaws online and the career mode seems barebones.  My real question is why the crap is it so complicated?

The inFamous demo for the PS3 was downright amazing.  Must, buy, now.  Well next week when it drops.

I have been listening to this album by a band called Parachute.  Holy crap is it awesome.  The New Year, All That I am, and She Is Love are just amazing.  There isn’t a bad song on the album though.  You must go buy now.  NOW!!!!!

Tony Hawk just announce Ride with a stupid skateboard controller.  I love me some Hawk, but it looked overly complicated.

Terminator: Salvation came out yesterday.  I’m going to check it out this weekend.  Looks good.

I was really unhappy with Smallville.  The killing of the not so real Jimmy Olsen (I know it was dumb) and the really lackluster fight with Doomsday made the show less compelling than it should be.  Hopefully next season is better.

I’m mad that the Terminator show, The Unit, and Reaper have been cancelled.  That was good television all around.  They will be missed.

Prison Break’s series finale was awesome.  The last 15 minutes almost made me cry.  Michael’s death, while inevitable, was really sad.

That’s about it for now.

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Review: Sega Rally Revo (PS3)

Posted by rapaleeman on August 12, 2008

So I’m a huge rally racing fan.  Everyone who is an avid reader of my so called “home on the web” knows this.  I loved Sega Rally back on the Saturn and the Dreamcast, but when the demo for this game came out I just sorta let it go and wrote it off as a lame cash in.  Well, I was out last week and found a copy brand new for under 10 bucks at Circuit City and did I make a smart investment.

Let me preface this with saying that at $60 bucks this game is not worth it.  There just isn’t enough content.  However, for $40 or less, worth every penny.  I wish I would have bought it sooner.

So, if you’ve played DiRT or the previous Colin McRae (RIP) games then you know what simulation rally racing is.  Well, forget it.  This is closed circuit, racing with rally embedded.  At least that is the simplest way to describe it.  You run 3 laps and start at the back of the pack.  Every time.  Get used to it.  Things don’t change.

As with most Sega Arcade games from back in the day, this console title was made with the same quarter crunching, punishing difficulty (anything after Amateur is a challenge) as its parents.  Which makes it really nostalgic and just flat out fun. 

The races and cars are very fast, with bright beautiful landscapes and gorgeous terrain to traverse.  The backdrops are almost breathtaking and the cars look great, but take no damage.  This isn’t a sim so it’s ok.  The greatest feet however, is the track themselves.  They are outstanding.

The track deforms as tires go through it and it changes depth based on the appropriate surface type you are currently on.  This leads to some strategy after the first lap.  Should you follow in the tracks of the leader for better grip in the snow, or should you take to the outside of the proper line and powerslide through.  Your call.  All in all, this is an awesome addition to an otherwise standard Sega racer.

Other than a few different leagues and a minimal set of cars and liveries, that’s it folks.  Not much depth in terms of content, but the racing is oh so sweet that it almost doesn’t matter.  Each race is edge of the seat excitement and I mean that.  Even the amateur races.

The only other minor flaw, besides content is the track deformation.  While yes it is awesome, visually you can see it pop into view towards the final lap.  A minor issue, but a big visual flaw to an otherwise perfect game.

Oh and I forgot to mention the mud, dust, dirt, and snow that gets kicked up onto the car.  It is awesome.  The cars take on the elements as need be based on how much dirt and crap you flow through and if you hit a puddle, will actually wash off.  It looks amazing and with the almost surreal environments put a realistic spin on this arcade game.

So what’s the verdict.  Well if you can get it for under $40 then buy it.  Worth every penny.  Not enough content is the only complaint, but what is there is great.


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Review: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots

Posted by rapaleeman on June 25, 2008

Never have I said a game was perfect.  Never.  Until now.

MGS4 is one of those titles that needs to be experienced.  Whether you like the series or not.  Whether you have kept up with the story or are a die hard fan.  This game is worth every penny and is flatout the best game on the PS3 if not on any system right now.

I’ll start with the easy.  The graphics are superb.  This game looks like Final Fantasy: Advent Children the movie.  Both in cutscenes and out.  The transisitons are smooth and the whole game looks amazing.  There are a few dips in frame-rate, but to me it looks too good to even care.  The slowdown lets you see what is actually blowing up and how good it looks.  The game looks beautiful and not just the Beauty and the Beast Corp of women badguys (or is that badgirls).

The characters, environments, vehicles, and weapons all look gorgeous.  The animations as well look great and there are only a few instances of issues and that is mostly because I have played through the game 3 times now.  I didn’t notice any of these issues the first time through.

The other thing is voice acting.  Amazing and 100% percent believable.  David Haytor embraces Snake and even though he is “older” in the game, he has the same attitude and style of delivery the series has always been known for.  The only bad in the voice acting is some of the awkward lines being delivered, but they aren’t bad enough or stick around long enough to get annoying.

The gameplay has changed.  Thank you Hideo Kojima.  You can now aim and view the game in 3rd person and not that stupid over the head crap.  The new camera involves you and brings you into the warzone.  The first chapter has a few “oh shit” moments and thanks to the camera and shooting mechanics you are there.  The dirt, dust, and blood that appears there make the difference and just complete the package.  Atmosphere is great.  You feel the tension when you are caught.

The story is where the game makes it name.  The Metal Gear series has always been about these stories that are somewhat out there, yet believable.  Same rules apply here and it is a great story.  If you have been following the series, then the loose ends are all tied up here.  The game left me with only one or two questions.  All of the storylines, characters, and events from the past are represented here and totally explained in typical MGS style.  Long and exponentially.

Which leads me to my only gripe.  The cutscenes.  They are long!!!  They range from a couple of minutes to damn near an hour and a half.  Some of them could have been shortened or spaced out better, but overall the story that is told is told well and excellently crafted.  Even if you have only vaguely followed the series, you will get most of it.  I still wished for a few more gameplay moments at times though.

Well one more gripe.  Loading/installing.  It does it between every act.  Not terrible considering what you end up seeing on screen, but it is annoying on your third playthrough.

Some final thoughts are of the great references and moments in the game.  They make the whole process bearable.  Everything from Johnny Sazaki from MGS, Meryl, Big Boss, The Boss, Ocelot, Otacon, and all of the little boss fights and references you’ll find.  One fight features a return from Psycho Mantis and the whole way you beat him (well her) is just great.  There are so many references to the first game it made it that much better.  The music at places and the entire fourth act is total fanfare.  There is even a really neat dream sequence with a recreation… … well, I’m not telling.  Plus the final Snake Versus Liquid fight (you knew it had to happen) is just breath taking.  You need to experience this game.

This game is just great.  Highly Recommend it.  How could I not.  Even with the minor flaws, the game is still perfect in my eyes.  Never have I experienced a title so thought out, polished, and just finished.


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PS3: Oh how painful love can be

Posted by rapaleeman on June 5, 2008

Ok, so I finally manned up and bought an 80 GB  Playstation 3 last December and overall it was a good purchase.  I love being able to play 90% of the PS2 and essentially all of my PSOne games (WTF happened Xbox?).  I love the controller.  No I don’t have a Dual Shock 3, but the Sixaxis is great to me (besides the l2 and r2, but that is really minor).  I love that I can plug damn near anything into it and the PS3 can read it.  Same with being able to install Linux.  I did install it, but never use it.

So what’s the point of this tripe that you are reading?  Well last night while playing MLB 08 The Show (great game, buy now) a few things occured to me that made me hate that infernal, heavy, hot, and dust-magnety piece of shit. 

For one it is both bigger and heavier than the ORIGINAL XBOX?  Damn man.  This thing buckled one of my IKEA bookshelves.  Yes I know it is IKEA (read: cheap) but seriously.  DAMN!!

The thing runs hot.  I mean steaming hot.  I can’t close the cabinet since it runs so hot.  Plus it is a dust and fingerprint magnet.  It just looks so great out of the box, but within 2 days it was dusty and gross looking.  Like after a hooker has had a night of “mileage” out on the Vegas Strip and then comes to your hotel room for another trip.  Ewww…..

Also, the stupid mandatory hard drive loads coming on a ton of games.  WTF does it do?  It doesn’t make the game faster.  MLB 08 and Grant Turismo 5 Prologue are slow as crap, but what about the cross-platform games.  Lost (can’t believe I bought that), Dark Sector, and Devil May Cry 4 just to name a few.  The load times aren’t better.  The controls and frame-rate are the same.  The graphics aren’t much-improved.  It just seems to me to be a piece of bubble gum where a weld or permanent fastener needs to be.

Finally, what the hell is up with not being able to charge the controller without the system being turned on and running?  I end up recharging my Sixaxis (which does last a while, but still) through my computer.  That you sony for using USB cables, but the one that comes in the box is like 3 feet long.  Usefull?  I think not.  A system update could fix this though.

On the whole I really like my PS3 more than my 360 even though my 360 gets more playtime.  The PS3 has built-in Wi-Fi, memory cards for cameras and phones, and the ability to play stuff off of that media.  The biggie is support and quality though.  The PS3 has not broken on me.  The system updates have come regularly AND actually fixed shit that was wrong or gave more support for stuff.  Where is my backwards compatibility update for my 360?  Never coming if you ask me.

Whatever.  No clue why I felt like bitching and writing about this.  Thought maybe some would find it interesting.  If you don’t then I’m sorry.  Well, not really.  As a matter of fact, no I’m not.

End Random Rant about the PS3

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