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Random: 6/10

Posted by rapaleeman on June 10, 2009

So it has been a while.

First up, I bought my tickets to go see 311 on June 28th.  They were the first band I ever saw live and after listening to their new album “Uplifter” I am really looking forward to seeing them again.  “Hey You” is an awesome single, but my favorite track is “Mix It Up”.  Amazing old school feel, yet still positive and downright catchy.  Kinda like “Crack the Code” from Evolver.  I’m just glad it is better than “Don’t Tread On Me”.  As much as I love Hexum and the bunch, that album was a let down.

While I’m on the subject of music, the new Taking Back Sunday album “New Again” came out too.  Not bad.  Catchy as hell.  Less screaming which is a good and a bad thing.  It is what defined them as the kings of Emo, yet it got annoying after a while.  I miss Fred on this album too.  The replacement dude kinda sucks and you can barely hear him.  He is no Fred that’s for sure.  No John Nolan either.  Speaking of which, when the hell am I going to get another Straylight Run album?

inFamous was good.  I played through and well, didn’t finish it, but I got farther along than I get on most open world games.  I can actually see myself finishing this one too.  I just really don’t like playing my PS3.  Not sure why.

Let’s see, oh the new Stan Bush remix of The Touch is actually really odd.  I like the slower pace, it works, but what the hell is with the weird not-really-sounding-like-but-trying-to-sound-like-Mike Shinoda style rap in the middle?  It what it would sound like if it was remade by Linkin Park.  not terrible, just a weird way to hear my favorite 80’s rock anthem.

I’m going to buy Prototype today I think.  I really want to play it.

What’s up with this new show called “The Listener”?  I agree with Greg Grunberg when he asked what the fuck on his Twitter page.  NBC must really be desperate.  Though to it’s defense it was a decent show.

Burn Notice is back.  YAY!!!  Great show.  Jeffrey Donovan is a great actor that is so underappreciated in this day and age.  Why he isn’t “truly” famous I have no idea.

E3 was big this year.  Project Natal was a waste of time and energy, but the rest was good.  Halo: ODST looks amazing. Same with Splinter Cell: Conviction.

That’s it for now.


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Where was I on the whole Twitter blitzkrieg?

Posted by rapaleeman on April 20, 2009

I got a few e-mails asking about the update on the right hand column where the blog description used to be.  Yes it is a twitter account.  I started it last week while I was out of town and missing my blog.  I didn’t want to type out a post on my iPhone.  That thing’s keyboard sucks.  So I researched this word I kept hearing the last couple of weeks and found something quite extraordinary.

I found a world that was compeltely new to me and surprisingly interesting.  Twitter is this revolutionary thing called mini-blogging.  You basically answer the question “What are you doing?” in 140 characters or less.  Essentially a text message. 

I know it sounds completely stupid, yet it is surprisingly awesome.  I am hooked.  My post will be more and more as time passes and I have no idea why.  It is essentially a mentally handicapped verison of the amazing text that you are reading now, but it is just so cool and helps me relieve a lot of stress.

So hopefully you will follow along with me as I do this Twitter experiment.  I won’t be abandoning the blog.  Not by a longshot, but to get my most up-to-date commentary, check out the Twitter.

Everyone should be on this.  It is so awesome.


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My new direction

Posted by rapaleeman on April 20, 2009

So it has been a while (the Sidekick update doesn’t count).   I have been away for a while and just out of touch with this thing called reality.  I have been travelling and moving around yet somehow standing still.  Weird.

So what is this new direction?  Is it a new direction for the blog?  Not really.  It is more of a new direction for me, by me.  I want to make myself happier in life and this is what I feel like doing.

So, back to the basics.  Sex, drugs, and Rock n’ Roll.  In no particular order mind you.

I’m finishing up my first few songs for a small EP I have been working on.  Since I am the band, it is a slow process.

More to follow.

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Up, Up, and Away

Posted by rapaleeman on March 20, 2009

So I will be gone for a week or two for work.  I will update when I get back.

Life has been pretty hectic. 

Holla at yall in a week or so.


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Random: 1/07/09

Posted by rapaleeman on January 7, 2009

Morning one and all.  First post of 2009.  Guess that means I have to start adding the year to the titles of my randoms.

This has been a really slow start to the new year to be honest.

Really want to see some movies.  I guess I’ll have to get off my ass and see The Spirit, Bolt, Yes Man, and maybe even Gran Torino.  They all look reasonably good.

The skate 2 demo drops tomorrow.  Can’t wait.  I’ll post some impressions maybe Friday.

Carnation Instant Breakfast is awesome.  Tastes yummy and gets me going.

I bought some new movies yesterday.  Rightous Kill, Babylon A.D., and Bangkock Dangerous.  I love Nick Cage so I bought his shitty movie.  Leave me alone.  As for the other 2, Deniro/Pacino is a must buy and I actually liked Babylon A.D. with the Vin.

All 6 seasons of 24 are on sale at Target for like 18 bucks a pop.  Buy them all.  I bought the Special Edition re-release of the first season for 17.99.  Worth every penny.  The first season when released on DVD looked like shit.  About time they did it justice.

Well, I don’t have much else today.  Just a quick check-in. 

Hit you later.


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