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Random: 10/31

Posted by rapaleeman on October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween suckas.

So Smallville this season is just awesome.  Green Arrow as “Superman” was sweet.  The same with the whole, lose the cape line.  Just great.  Next weeks episode has Kara aka Supergirl back.  Gonna be a good season.  Keep it up writers.

Supernatural as well is awesome.  The whole legend of Sam Hain was cool.  Plus the story plot points that poured out in this episode.  Wow!

So, changing subjects, I downloaded the Mirror’s Edge demo for the PS3.  Surprisingly the game is great.  The first person perspective is really immersive and it works.  There is a head bob, but not too much and the way the screen inverts when you roll is cool, disorienting, and extremely well done.  Really good game so far, I’m just curious how long it will be.

I’m addicted to Red Bull Cola.

I am officially a fan of the Gym Class Heroes.  Their rap is a little too boy bandish, but their execution is straight up The Roots or N.E.R.D. circa their first album.  Good stuff.

I’m addicted to Midnight Club Los Angeles.  The AI is cheap, unfare, and really pissing me off.  I win some races, but lose others when I should have won.  For some reason I can’t put it down though that will probably change when Gears 2 drops next week.

Beef Taco Hot Pockets are the greatest Hot Pockets brand flavor.



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Smallville is back jack!!! Oh and Supernatural too.

Posted by rapaleeman on September 18, 2008

So today is a glorious day.  No, not becuase I did some type of illicit drugs and no I didn’t get my well deserved and worked for raise at work.  No my friends, Smallville is back.

So we are heading into the 8th season of Smallville.  Last we left Supes, he was in a fight for his life with Lex in the Fortress.  It was kinda lame, but honestly looking back, I am more excited now than I was then.  I wanna see what kickass-ery they have in stored. 

The previews show Green Arrow (now a series regular supposedly), Aquaman, and the Black Cannary looking for Clark.  It looks awesome.  This year there is a few new baddies so it looks like the emerad archer and friends are gonna have some people to fight.

Doomsday is making an appearance same with a new head of LuthorCorp (with Michael Rosenbaum leaving and all).  Hopefully they don’t do it too cheesily.  I loved this show when it first appeared, but other than a few episodes the last couple of seasons (namely Arrow and Justice) the show has kinda fizzled.  I need something.  Please don’t eff this up.  At least finish it off with a good ending.   This show needs that and oddly enough, it is already written for them.

In other news Supernatural is back.  In a show that keeps getting better every year, we last saw Dean dead in hell beign ripped apart by chains.  What will happen?  What will Sam do?  These are the questions that I must find the answers too.  Hopefully Dean comes back as a demon.  That would be sweet.

Anyway watch tonight on the WB.  Then watch Burn Notice and TiVo the finale of Flashpoint and hope that gets renewed.  Then watch the re-runs of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  That show is hilarious.  It’s going to be a busy, late night.

I’m out bitches.

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Random Post 4/24

Posted by rapaleeman on April 25, 2008

Well it’s Thursday.  Not much happening this week.  Smallville is on tonight, along with Supernatural and Grey’s Anatomy.  Yes, as a 26-year-old male I watch Grey’s Anatomy.  The show has been going downhill since midway through the second season, but I usually will watch a show no matter how bad it is (examples, Flash Gordon and Painkiller Jane on Sci-Fi). 

Last weeks Smallville was amazing.  Well the last 10 minutes were.  The face-off at the cemetary was epic and makes me wish Lex was sticking around next season, though I hear he’ll be there for the majority of it so my mind is at ease.  Supernatural is also brand new tonight and it looks good.  The overall story of the show is good, but the “monster of the week” stories are sometimes week.  It’s good that the two brothers have such great chemistry since they make the show interesting and surprisingly funny.  I also like Dean’s (Jenson Ackles) taste in music so that helps.  Blue Oyster Cult for the win.

Let’s see, I picked up The World Ends With You.  I’ll put up a review once I beat it or maybe not since who knows if I’ll have time to beat it in a reasonable amount of time. 

I also bought Cloverfield this week.  I saw it in theaters but watching it at home after going through the viral marketing has given a clearer intention as to what JJ Abrams and Co were trying to do.  I got a review in the oven and if it comes together like it’s coming now it’ll be up sometime tomorrow afternoon.  If not, expect to see it somtime after the weekend.

And that’s it.  I’ll check in when I got some more info.

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