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Random: 8/24

Posted by rapaleeman on August 24, 2009

Oh my goodness.  It has been a while peoples.  Thanks for hanging in there.  A new random coming at you right, about, now!!!!!!!!!!!!

So GI Joe came out and I saw that.  Amazingly awesome movie.  Better than Transformers 2.  Yes, I said it.  Deal with it.

Some new games came out and while I won’t talk about all of them, I will say, that I did buy Madden this year.  Surprisingly good and defiantely worth it.

Chester from Linkin Park had a new single drop for his band, Death By Sunrise.  Different while at the same time so familiar.  I need a few more listens to form a better opinion.

District 9 was a pleasent surprise.  The first 30 minutes had me, but the constant violence and action towards the end was really not needed.  It was a great film without all that shit.

Inglorious Basterds was really good.  Chapters 2, 4, and 5 of the 5 part movie were great and really well done.  Brad Pitt was perfect.

I am addicted to Defying Gravity.  It is a great show and very interesting.  The special effects are also very good for a TV show.

I broke my phone, got a Blackberry, and then returned it.  The damn thing wouldn’t get a signal in my house.  Went back to one of my old Sidekicks.  I may upgrade to the new one again.  I have played with it since and realize the shortcommings aren’t too bad not that I have 3G in my area.  We’ll see.

Shadow Complex for the XBL Arcade is awesome.  Worth every penny of the 15 bucks I paid. 

Going to Florida in September for work.  Going to add an extra day for some fun.

Why do the new PS3 systems no longer play PS2 and PSOne games?  Now I have to go to Gamestop and buy another PS3 used to play my old crap.  Wasted 300 bucks.

Still addicted to Call of Duty 4.  Love that game.  Not so much Gears of War anymore, though I still like it.  The online is horrible with lag and the extra content they pushed was a waste, except for the Nowhere map.  That is really cool.

Bought a Grifball action figure from Halo.  It is cool.

Anyway, back to work now.  I’ll try to make the updates closer together.  If not, follw me on twitter and soon, I may be making a Facebook page.  Might merge this with that.  We’ll see.



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Random: 5/22

Posted by rapaleeman on May 22, 2009

So, I have some stuff.

First off, yes I did return the LX09.  The phone calls were too terrible to make the phone worth the price that I paid.  Nice phone, just terrible voice calls.

Next up, the new Linkin Park (New Divide) song for the Transformers 2 soundtrack is actually pretty good.  True it is essentially What I’ve done with different lyrics, but it is still a good song.  What happened to the rap/rock that I loved so much.  This song needs more Mike Shinoda, but that can be said about their entire Minutes To Midnight album can’t it.

I bought, played and beat Terminator: Salvation twice for the 360 since I got it on Tuesday.  Got the 1000 achievement score and am officially done with it.  Too many little bugs and glitches plus the lack of a decent makes it a definate avoid unless you are a die hard fan.

I am disappointed with UFC 09.  It is really easy to exploit the flaws online and the career mode seems barebones.  My real question is why the crap is it so complicated?

The inFamous demo for the PS3 was downright amazing.  Must, buy, now.  Well next week when it drops.

I have been listening to this album by a band called Parachute.  Holy crap is it awesome.  The New Year, All That I am, and She Is Love are just amazing.  There isn’t a bad song on the album though.  You must go buy now.  NOW!!!!!

Tony Hawk just announce Ride with a stupid skateboard controller.  I love me some Hawk, but it looked overly complicated.

Terminator: Salvation came out yesterday.  I’m going to check it out this weekend.  Looks good.

I was really unhappy with Smallville.  The killing of the not so real Jimmy Olsen (I know it was dumb) and the really lackluster fight with Doomsday made the show less compelling than it should be.  Hopefully next season is better.

I’m mad that the Terminator show, The Unit, and Reaper have been cancelled.  That was good television all around.  They will be missed.

Prison Break’s series finale was awesome.  The last 15 minutes almost made me cry.  Michael’s death, while inevitable, was really sad.

That’s about it for now.

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Random: 02/19

Posted by rapaleeman on February 19, 2009

Been a while.  Here be the random.

First up is the new Transformers 2 trailer.  Holy fuck is it awesome.  Prime jumping off of a freway to take on 1/7th of Devastator was just breathtaking.  Yes, that was only a piece of the massive constructicon.  It is supposed to stand 120 feet tall.  Let’s just hope the rumored Optimus Prime/Jetfire combination is strong as hell.

Saw the movie Push.  Wasn’t bad.  Really liked it overall.  The only irritation is the fact that the filmmakers made it seem like there was so much more going on.  That is all well and good with an established franchise, but in a newbie film, it got a little annoying trying to figure out what the hell was going on.

The International with always great Clive Owen was well boring.  I fell asleep.  It was like a 20 minute movie jammed into 2 hours.  The only highlight is the phenomenally well-choreographed gunfight in the Guggenheim Museum.  That was one of the most realistic fights I’ve seen in a while.  Except for the lack of reloads.  A 6 shot revolver has, gasp, 6 fucking shots.  Not 15.

Picked up Army of Two for cheap and played through that.  Short, sweet, and surprisingly fantastic.  Where was I when that released?

GI Joe: Rise of Cobra the movie still looks awesome.  I don’t care how crappy the plot is.  I don’t care that they all look like X-Men rejects with the black leather.  I don’t care that the action figures are really shitty looking (how Hasbro messed that up is beyond me).  The movie is going to be balls to the wall action.  Period.  End of story.  Awesome.

The Street Fighter movie (the Legend of Chun-Li one, not the Van Damme, Raul Julia classic) still looks stupid.

Killzone 2 comes out next week.  The demo was pretty good.  A little loose in the aiming but enjoyable.  Looked really pretty.

DiRT is finally getting a sequel.  The screens look great and the fact that there are now X-Games style arenas to drive in, I am seriously pumped.  Makes me wanna go buy a Subaru and rally down the street in front of my house.  Weird I know.  Leave me alone.

Knight Rider is getting better.  Too bad it will most likely, if it isn’t already, be cancelled.  I really wante da re-match between KITT and Optimus Prime.  That was sweet.

Weirdly, I haven’t played skate 2 in over a week.  It’s funny because I couldn’t put the first one down, but I kinda have left the sequel in the dust for Gears2 and COD4.  now I wanna play DiRT again.  Maybe the new DLC will make me want to pick the game up again.

Well, that about does it for this guy.  Holla at yall later.

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Random Post: 07/03

Posted by rapaleeman on July 3, 2008

Sup homies.  Thought I’d check in with a little bit of random news and info for ya.  I’ve been really busy at work and just have had zero time to focus on my hobbies (read: video games, tv, movies, booze, and the honies).  I’ve pretty much left things in the pipeline where they are.  This weekend after I build my new shelf for my DVDs, I hope to have some time to relax and shoot out a few posts (or at least prep them for release next week).

Anyway, some news/random shit.

Smallville will see the Justice League again.  In a way I’m happy, the same with them making Justin Hartley, Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, a regular.  This will hopefully teach Clark about the dual identities that he will wear in the future (that is the season theme supposedly).  My issue is that there will just be not enough Clark like last season and the writers will just take some of the plots off the deep end.  I still want to know where the hell my Clark Vs. Lex fight went to.  Seriously, with Gough and Millar leaving, I am a tad concerned.  Though with Clark going to work at the Daily Planet, I am still looking forward to it.  It was my favorite show for 5 of its seasons (that’s five  year people).  While I still like it, it isn’t my favorite anymore.  I want it to regain it’s throne.

Transformers 2 looks awesome.  I got nothing else I can tell you now, though I know some of the plot from some sources.  Once I get the ok to release it I will.  Supposedly they will give me the all clear before this stuff hits the rest of the Internets, but I doubt it.  I just don’t want to get people fired.  I like some of my friends/contacts (even if they are d-bags at time, you know who you are).

Speaking of Transformers, I bought a new toy from the Animated line.  Bumblebee, the deluxe one.  Seriously, it’s pretty cool.  Transforms, looks good and is posable.  My only issue is the fact that it just feels cheap.  The same cheap feeling that the movie version had.  Looks great, just cheap feeling.  I expect more for my 10 bucks.  I gotta blame inflation on this one.

I’m still working my way through Alone In The Dark.  Dude, WTF is wrong with companies releasing buggy shit.  Really.  Is it too much to ask for a control scheme that doesn’t suck, or for my avatar to not fall through the ground.  Despite that the game is actually really good.  As soon as I beat it, I’ll drop a review.

Wanted, Wall-e, and Hancock (Handcock?) all came out this week.  I really want to see them, but Wall-e is definately number 1 on my list.  He is so cute.  I’m buying a toy of him for my desk at work.  I also still want the $200 one that follows you around like the Aibo dog from Sony.  That thing looks sweet.  I keep hearing him say his name in my head.  So cute.  Yes I’m acting like a girl and yes, you can shut the hell up.

Carribou Coffee is officially better than Starbucks.  Their COFFEE actually tastes good.  So does their other drinks, but the main thing is the coffee and it is yummy.

Monster Lo-Carb is great.  Tastes almost like the real thing, but without the calories and sugar.  My new favorite energy drink.

The new Dark Knight action figures look and feel terrible.  Most are cheap re-hashes of Batman Begins toys, while the others are just crappy looking new ones (Destructo Joker is the worst).  The standard and smaller ones are the biggest culprits, but the super deluxe ones (their like 15 bucks and a little taller) look amazingly real.  The Bale looks good as does the Joker who looks pretty close to the movie, but a little less scary.  Get them while you can since with the death of Ledger will be impossible to find.

Oh on the subject of the Joker.  Just get Mark Hammill (yes, Luke Skywalker) to replace him in future movies.  Heath sounds exactly like Mark from the animated series anyway (yes the Joker was voiced by Mark Hammill on Batman The Animated Series, a lot of people are unaware of that).  Plus you can’t tell it’s Heath Ledger by the looks of him anyways.  Hammill will be great.  Just a thought Christopher Nolen/Christian Bale.  Just an idea.

Let’s see, well I got nothing else right now.  I’m putting together a piece on my favorite shoes so I may finish that up and post it this afternoon.  We’ll see. 

Enjoy the holiday.  I’m getting off early.  I love the Government.


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