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The X-games were effin sweet

Posted by rapaleeman on August 5, 2008

Dude did anybody catch the X-Games this weekend?  While I stayed at home, worked and went to a place three sheets to the wind, I did and boy were they awesome. 

Most of the games was kinda lame.  Let’s be honest it was.  Danny Way was awesome and so was Bob Burn, but really the skateboarding was terrible besides those 2 points.  I don’t care anymore about Jake Brown.  For real.  I don’t.  Motocross is a wash cuz well it is a stupid sport.  BMX was pretty good this year and watching Bestwick go down, get back up and win gold was pretty spectacular.

Well if it was all so mediocre to terrible why did I like it so much you may be asking?  Well one word: RALLY!!!!!!!!  Hell yell.  The rally racing on the special stage they cooked up was sweet.  Watching Dave Mirra crash into the wall, ACP flipping an EVO, and even Prastrana doing donuts in front of my favorite driver (Tanner Foust).  It was a whole crapload of awesome.

I was glued to my chair the entire time and even watch it again on the good ol’ TiVO.  I mean seriously why is this sport not as popular as NASCAR.  Rally is awesome and not just the special stages.  The man vs nature calling of the sport is terrifying, yet totally satisfying to watch.  A great experience.

Hope everyone enjoyed it.  If not I’m sure you can catch it on iTunes.  It’s all the rage these days.

Catch yall later.  Still kinda busy, and work keeps getting worse.  I am trying to stay afloat and this little reality check/ventilation of thoughts if you will is a really great break.  Thanks for the continued support.

And yes, I did delete a post.  You are not mistaken.  A little too much about work if you know what I mean.



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Review: ESPN X-Games Skateboarding (PS2)

Posted by rapaleeman on July 7, 2008

Well, so I really wanted a new skateboarding game, but realized there aren’t any.  So I flipped through my collection and found this gem.  So continueing my classic random reviews here is one for ESPN X-Games Skateboarding.

Everyone think back.  Way back.  Back when the PS2 has just come out.  It is brand new.  In your home.  Yearning for some skating goodness.

Yes friends it is the year 2001.  It’s August and your board (get it, sorry, no more puns).  That describes me at the time.  I was in college, and wanted a skateboarding game.  Well Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 was a long 2 weeks away so I picked this up.  Wow, was I surprised.

So having played every PSOne skating game (Thrasher: Skate and Destroy was my favorite from that time) I wanted something better.  Not just mechanically, but graphically.  Well I got something like that.

Sort of an amalgom of Thrasher and Tony Hawk, ESPN was something special.  First off the graphics were fantastic for the time.  It shouted ESPN from everything.  The overlays, commentator, and feel felt like I was watching the X-Games.  The other courses were ok, but I spent most of my time in the X-Games mode.  Something I wish skate. had today.  A mode where you only compete in the X-Games.  Having that as a minigame in skate. would be a great idea. 

Anyway, the skaters, boards, and environments looked great.  Especially for a PS2 title.  The skaters all looked real and had their appropriate advertising on along with their gear.  Nice touch.  Bob Burnquest and Colin McKay highlighted the crew, of relative unknowns.  Their moves looked good too. 

The soundtrack was hot.  12 tracks all good, though Linkin Park’s, “A Place For My Head” repeated a little too much.  The board sounds worked.  Same with the commentator.  Not annoying, just kinda there.  Like he should be.

Now the bad.  The game was stiff and slow to respond.  Again, this wasn’t Tony.  You had to plan your lines and runs.  I like this approach.  It made the game harder, but worth the trouble of learning.  Once I got the timing, the game was great. 

Too bad THPS3 came out two weeks later.  ESPN went into the pile and only emerged to stop the boredom yet again.  At least it is still fun and difficult now.  Great game just not perfect.


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